Lawyers quoted to the STJ suffer resistance in court – 06/12/2023 – Panel

Members of the STJ (Superior Court of Justice) have reservedly seen the names most quoted to join the six-fold list of the OAB (Order of Lawyers of Brazil) for a vacancy on the court.

They claim that they are lawyers with little experience in court, which would disqualify them from acting as court ministers.

Of the most cited, Daniela Teixeira, from the Federal District, stands out as the most experienced. There is also praise for former OAB federal counselor Márcio Fernandes.

According to reports, messages were sent so that the selected lawyers had solid CVs and that they would be privileged to work in court. But, in the opinion of some of them, this did not happen.

If the forecast is confirmed, magistrates do not rule out the possibility of not having a quorum to choose the three names to be forwarded to President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT). If this happens twice, the list is returned to the OAB for a new selection.

In May, the OAB announced the 34 selected to participate in the dispute on May 11. The vote in the Federal Council to select the six that will be forwarded to the court is scheduled for the next 19th.

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