League of Legends Esports Evolution: Insights after Valorant

In the ever-changing arena of esports, the League of Legends community was recently treated to an unforgettable experience at the MSI 2023 tournament in London. The event captivated fans and viewers with its unique atmosphere and innovative approach to broadcasting. As a dedicated gamer since the game’s beta back in 2011, I’ve closely followed the growth of League of Legends esports and witnessed its evolution over the years. However, the MSI 2023 broadcast left a lasting impression on me, even surpassing the much-anticipated World Championships. In this article, we delve into the reasons for this remarkable shift and explore how League of Legends esports has embraced the shift to deliver an unparalleled viewing experience. League of Legends Esports Evolution: Insights after Valorant.

A change in dynamics

MSI 2023’s graffiti-covered stage, adorned with fancy fonts and bright colors, reflected the spirit of the London backdrop. While these aesthetic improvements played a role in the event’s success, they alone did not fully explain the exceptional experience it offered. It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to speak to two influential women who were instrumental in running the show that I began to understand the underlying factors driving this evolution.

Embrace the influence of Valorant

Valorant, Riot Games’ acclaimed first-person shooter, made significant strides in 2022, introducing new in-game features and hosting large-scale esports events. So naturally, League of Legends fans drew comparisons between the two games. A popular thread on the League of Legends subreddit praised Champions, Valorant’s format, and expressed hopes for its inclusion in the World Championship. With fan expectations growing, it became imperative to examine how the success of Valorant impacted League of Legends esports.

Insights from key players

To gain valuable insight into the impact of Valorant on League of Legends esports, ONE Esports had the honor of interviewing Anna Robinson, Associate Creative Director at Possible, and Juliet Reason, Riot Games Global Esports Events Producer. Possible, a creative agency with a rich history of working with Riot Games, has been responsible for producing the grand opening ceremonies of the World Cup since 2016. Anna and Juliet provided fascinating insights into the changes that have taken place and the direction League of Legends esports is taking.

Possible: bringing visions to life

Possible’s role in the League of Legends esports ecosystem is paramount as they orchestrate the live portion of events such as the World Championship Opening Ceremony. Her duties will cover a wide range of tasks including theme development, set design, lighting arrangements, production design, costumes, choreography, rehearsals and more. In doing so, they realize Riot’s creative vision on the international stage and ensure that every aspect of production is seamlessly aligned to deliver unforgettable shows year after year.

Enhance the experience

Working with Riot Games, Anna noticed the unprecedented freedom and endless possibilities that the lack of strict esports rules affords to a creative partner. She emphasized the ability to continuously improve the gaming experience both locally and globally without being weighed down by undue restrictions. This freedom led to innovative approaches and inspiring decisions that contributed significantly to the success of MSI 2023.

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