learn more about hepatic steatosis, singer’s disease

Singer has been adopting a healthier lifestyle since the diagnosis; know everything

Jojo Todynho has been sharing his healthier day-to-day life on his social networks. The singer has a new care routine for health reasons, because Jojo was diagnosed with hepatic steatosis, also known as accumulation of fat in the liver.

Jojo Todynho: learn more about hepatic steatosis, the singer's disease

Jojo Todynho: learn more about hepatic steatosis, the singer’s disease

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According with the doctor. Rafael Nicastro, digestive system surgeon, the disease is very silent. After all, in general, it does not show symptoms in the patient. However, when they arise, the most common are pain in the abdomen and tiredness.

In addition, the doctor points out that it is important to remain vigilant at all times, since the disease has the risk of developing into liver failure or even cirrhosis, which can even result in liver cancer. Other organs can also be affected depending on the degree of the disease and the time of evolution.

Alcohol consumption and obesity are the main factors

Hepatic steatosis is the first injury to occur in those who have the habit of consuming a lot of alcohol, even in individuals who are not considered alcoholics. By the way, the incidence occurs in 90% of those who drink alcohol in excess, says Yago Fernandes, a physician who works in endocrinology at Instituto Nutrindo Ideals and a specialist in weight loss and hypertrophy. “Most of the metabolization of alcohol is done by the liver. As alcohol is metabolized, toxic substances are produced by the body itself”, details.

At the same time, fat droplets accumulate in liver cells called hepatocytes, making these cells insufficient. The evolution of hepatic steatosis is inflammation of the liver, called alcoholic hepatitis, which affects 10% to 35% of people. In the most serious cases, they develop cirrhosis, which affects about 10% to 20% of those who consume alcoholic beverages in an abusive way. The damage caused by cirrhosis is irreversible and may require a liver transplant, warns the specialist.

How to treat hepatic steatosis?

Finally, Yago states that there is no definitive treatment for hepatic steatosis. And, according to him, doctors recommend routine changes, just like the ones Jojo Todynho has been doing. That is, try to maintain a healthy diet and practice more physical exercise to control excess weight, insulin resistance, cholesterol and triglyceride levels and blood pressure.

In addition, there is also surgical treatment. However, it is exclusive to severe cases that evolve with cirrhosis and liver failure. In such cases, liver transplantation is necessary.

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