Left criticizes dealing with the homeless in Hamburg City


Left criticizes dealing with the homeless in Hamburg City

The Hamburg City Hall.

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Are homeless people being expelled from downtown Hamburg? The left raises this accusation in the citizenship. The SPD rejects this as a “scandalization”.

Hamburg (dpa/lno). According to allegations by the left, homeless people in downtown Hamburg have to suffer harassment. “Since the end of last year, the police have been increasingly taking action against homeless people who are in the city center to beg or camp,” criticized Left-wing MP Stephanie Rose on Thursday in a current hour of the Hamburg Parliament. “As a result of the expulsion, homeless people lose the center of their lives in the city center and thus often lose contact with street social work and the help system.” In addition, the problem is merely shifted to other places.

The red-green government factions rejected the allegations. The SPD deputy Iftikhar Malik explained that the left relies on “scandalization” instead of a constructive discussion. The Green politician Mareike Engels said: “Hamburg relies on help, not on expulsion.”

The main station and its surroundings have been the focus of the authorities for several months, said a police spokeswoman on request. She emphasized: “Our emergency services do not intervene arbitrarily, but on an ad hoc basis.” This means that begging is not prohibited if passers-by are not hindered or harassed. “Our emergency services intervene in particular when aggressive begging occurs or when begging is accompanied by the formation of deposits.”

The police spokeswoman explained that the officials acted on the principle of the mildest means. Place references would only be issued if the security disruptions on public streets and squares could not be eliminated through cooperation.

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