Lewis Capaldi struggles for new relationships amid Tourettes, global fame and fear

Lewis Capaldi is struggling to ‘form new relationships’ amid his Tourette syndrome, global fame and anxiety.

Lewis Capaldi is struggling to 'form new relationships' amid his Tourette syndrome, global fame and anxiety

Lewis Capaldi is struggling to ‘form new relationships’ amid his Tourette syndrome, global fame and anxiety

The 26-year-old ‘Some You Loved’ singer, who went public with his Tourette diagnosis last year to explain his tics on stage and is said to be dating dancer Ellie MacDowall, 23, also said that he focuses on her “self-analysis” while fighting his problems.

He told The Sun: “Forming new relationships can be difficult. But I did. I’ve had great relationships, but the hardest part is you’re scared all the time.

“I’m a little scared all the time. So when I’m walking down the street and I notice someone looking at me, I suddenly start doubting what I just did or wish I had done something else, something like that. It’s an overconfidence.”

Lewis added, “I’m pretty good at self-analysis, but not that good at self-censorship. So far I’ve gotten away with it, but who knows.

“I like to think I’m fine for the most part, but nobody ever seems to ask me about controversial issues either.

“I like that too, by the way. I don’t want to suddenly talk about important things – but who cares what I think about a difficult topic anyway?

Lewis also admitted he suffers panic attacks “every time” he drinks – while he admits getting “hammered” is the only time his Tourette’s spasms go away as it leaves him “numb” to the world might.

He added: “Every time I drink heavily, the next day I have a panic attack about what I may have said or done that is going to haunt me.

“Maybe someone filmed me being obnoxious.”

Lewis has recently opened up about how he fears the tics he suffers from his Tourette’s could force him to give up his career, telling The Times: ‘Right now it’s worth the compromise, but if there’s one Point comes where I am doing irreparable damage to myself, I will resign.

“I hate exaggerations, but there’s a very real possibility that I’ll have to wrap music.”

He added that he was “trying to get a grip on the problem,” but admitted, “If I can’t, I’m screwed.

“It’s easier when I play the guitar, but I hate playing the guitar. I know I’m a walking contradiction.”

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