Lexa would have decided to end the marriage with MC Guimê

Photo: Instagram/Lexa / Modern Popcorn

Singer Lexa would have decided to end her marriage to MC Guimê, after the funk artist was accused of sexual harassment on “BBB 23”, according to information from the newspaper Extra this Friday morning (3/31).

Apparently, the artist went on vacation to Europe, to celebrate Anitta’s 30th birthday, with the decision already made. “Lexa says that she has lost confidence and the will to continue with Guimê. She wants to be consistent with her principles and is decided on the end. She will hardly go back,” said a source to the newspaper.

It is believed that Lexa will make an official separation announcement in the coming days. There is a prediction that the information will only be released at the end of “BBB 23′.

Curious or not, MC Guimê decided to delete several photos on Instagram last Thursday (3/30). Among the images, the singer disappeared in all of which the ex-lover was present.

“Whenever God wants to make a big man, he breaks him into pieces first”, wrote the funk singer in Stories this morning (3/31), after changing his profile picture to a broken heart.

According to columnist Lucas Pasin, the funk artist did not receive the news about the end of the marriage well and isolated himself, remaining completely silent.

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