Life expectancy in Africa rises sharply, Dutch city to ban meat adverts, empathy through disagreement


In today’s edition of Squirrel News, Africa has increased its healthy life expectancy by ten years, the Dutch city of Haarlem becomes the world’s first to ban meat adverts, and NGOs examine how disagreement between politically divided people fosters empathy.

Life expectancy in Africa increases significantly

For a number of reasons, healthy life expectancy in Africa has increased by ten years between 2000 and 2019 – more than anywhere else.


Dutch city becomes world’s first to ban meat adverts in public

The Dutch city of Haarlem aims to ban meat advertising in public. Other Dutch cities have already introduced different bans on advertising for climate-damaging products.

The Guardian

How a meat tax could work

Rearing livestock and growing crops to feed them has destroyed more tropical forests and killed more wildlife than any other industry. Among the different ways to cut meat consumption, simple, direct taxes on animal products might be the most likely result.

The Conversation

Researchers may have developed a cheap alternative to lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries have been the conventional expensive solution to energy storage for years. But a recent invention by MIT scientists may bring the cheaper aluminum-Sulpher versions to the scene.


Berlin scrambles to switch its public transport to battery-powered

As the capital tries to close the large gap to its climate goals, a rush to transform its public transport towards more sustainable infrastructure is born.


Poop is more than just waste, and here’s how we can use it better

With projects around the world using our brown gold for things like fertilizer and gut health, these ‘waste products’ provide valuable nutrients and microbes.


What we can learn from Jordan, a water-poor country

Resourcefulness is a skill that is only increasing in importance as resources dwindle, and Jordanians have a few techniques we can learn valuable lessons from about water.

Christian Science Monitor

Algeria’s strategy to support the economy through start-up culture

In a drive to boost its economy, Algeria is trying to create a start-up culture. Now, more and more entrepreneurs are seizing the opportunity and starting businesses, and some with great vision and ambition.


British communities working together to reduce food waste by using unpicked items

In the face of the economical and food crises, communities across Britain are working to reduce the impact of both by using up food items that would otherwise get discarded by a fractured system.

Positive News

Lessons in empathy highlight the importance of engaging with people you disagree with

A collaborative effort between two organizations in California and Pennsylvania looks at how society benefits from empathy, engaging politically divided people through more cohesive methods.

Root Quarterly / The Philadelphia Citizen

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