Lil Meech apparently confirms romance with Summer Walker

A speculated spring flirtation can turn into a serious “summer” romance. To the satisfaction of internet detectives Lil Meech And Summer walkers keep dropping breadcrumbs and fueling dating rumors.

Demetrius Flenory Jr. x Summer

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Fans have been compiling couple notes from Summer Walker and Lil Meech’s social media

Digital detectives have discovered similarities between the two entertainers’ posts. They claimed to have the facts about them secret lovers based on photos of an opulent backyard pool and a bright blue Lamborghini. Shortly after these clues, a video of Lil’ Meech and a woman in ski masks with a hairstyle similar to the singer’s went viral.

Fans noticed that the woman shielded her hands as if trying to cover identifying marks (like tattoos). The mystery woman’s lower body was also eerily similar to that of the 27-year-old.

One commenter said, “I know this BBL all over…”

Additionally, one of the Atlanta native’s posts featured a reflection of a pink phone case in the car’s center console. One hawk-eyed fan commented that it resembled one Meech held in a previous post.

This observation takes curiosity to a whole new level.

The singer and actor love at rock bottom Already faces public scrutiny when an old flame resurfaced after learning the two were linked.

A blonde woman posted a photo of Meech apparently naked asleep on her Close Friends Instagram Story with the caption:

“Daddy Meech fine af”

Fans thought it was a bizarre move

One comment read: “Why do people take pictures of people while they sleep? This is one of the strangest things for me!!! Like, what’s the reason?

Lil Meech and Summer Walker apparently confirm they’re dating at rock bottom

Lil Meech – born Demetrius Flenory Jr. – immediately responded to a post of the photo on @theneighborhoodtalk. His double entender left fans wondering what the gangsta’s son really meant.

“That two years ago [cap emoji]. The summer is mine.”

Will he be diving into the dating pool next season or is he referring to Larry’s beautiful baby mom Summer? Fans seem to think he “let the world know without letting the world know.”

He kept it cute.

Some social media viewers speculated that Meech’s mother of three – 4 years her junior – was demanding the record be set straight.

“Summer told him to work things out, and he did!” someone quipped.

It also appeared the two chatted via FaceTime after Summer posted a picture on her IG story.

She later posted, “Oh wow I’m slow,” meaning her first post was random.

The Innanet had mixed feelings about her “Oops” moment. Below the image on The Shade Room, commenters shared their thoughts,

Someone else said: “Weared a full mask just to show yourself 😂 just live your life girl.”

“The sooner we all realize that these things are PR/publicity stunts, the sooner we can wrap this all up.”

The social media PIs also speculate that Summer was present in Rochester, New York when Meech bluntly asked a female fan to do so stop touching him.

Here’s Why Fans Are Hoping Summer Walker Won’t Fall In Love With Lil Meech Too Quickly

The Grammy-nominated artist faces a lot of criticism. Noting her notoriously unlucky love record, fans are advising her not to rush into another relationship anytime soon.

“How can Shawty sit down and be a mom for a few years like stop messing with these men,” read one comment.

Another commenter came to her defense: “Why do you always raise your kids? She KNOWS and he KNOWS how many she has!! Someone loves you bald mamas once you all daddies are gone, so what’s the difference?”

Summer ended her relationship with Lyrd Pharoh, aka Larry, in November 2022. She announced the birth of her twins before the end of the year.

A few years earlier, she further detailed her tumultuous relationship with London On Da Track Revel in it in 2021. The former employees share a daughter named Bubbles.

As for Meech, he was spotted cantering around Atlanta with Kris SummerS just last month, although their romantic relationships have never been officially confirmed.

Who knows? Summer with the Miami native could lead to a hot new album.

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