Lira was thirsty for the pot, underestimated opponents and weakened

After Republicans, MDB, PSD, Podemos and PSC formed a block within the Chamber that brings together 142 deputies, the columnist for UOL Tales Faria stated during the program News Analysis that the President of the House, Arthur Lira (PP-AL) ended up losing strength. The new bloc is now the largest political force in the Chamber.

Lira was very thirsty for the pot, underestimated opponents and weakened.”
Tales Faria

In Tales’ assessment, Lira began to weaken when measuring forces with the Senate, wanting a change in the processing of provisional measures, with the Chamber and the Senate voting separately in the joint committees. It was in this context that the new block was formed in the Chamber.

weight names. For the columnist UOL, the new block formed by Republicans, MDB, PSD, Podemos and PSC has important names in national politics, and Lira’s mistake was to underestimate these great figures. While the MDB has Renan Calheiros, Lira’s great rival in Alagoas, the PSD has the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, in addition to Gilberto Kassab, and the Republicans have in their ranks the deputy Marcos Pereira, “an eternal candidate for the presidency of the House”, in the words of Tales.

Arthur Lira underestimated great figures in national politics, the strength of senators, and thought he would run over everyone.”
Tales Faria

Secret budget. Tales also claimed that the “death” of the secret budget also made Lira lose strength. Previously controlled by the Speaker of the House, the budget is no longer secret and is now distributed by party leaders and the federal government.

PT strength. The PT’s base in the Chamber has 140 deputies and now, if it gets support from the 142 deputies that make up the new “bloc”, Lula’s party will be able to approve bills with a simple majority of votes, in a total of 513 deputies. “The government is fine and today it is less difficult to approve a possible tax reform than before the formation of this bloc”, stated the columnist for UOL.

Student of Eduardo Cunha. Although Lira is losing strength in the Chamber, Tales stated that one cannot work with certainties within politics, nor underestimate Arthur Lira. “Just as Lira underestimated his opponents, you can’t underestimate Lira. He is Eduardo Cunha’s most brilliant student and was Eduardo Cunha’s offspring”, he concluded.


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