Lisa Vanderpump teases “A Different Situation” on “Pump Rules”

Lisa Vanderpump teases "another situation" after "Scandoval" She admits to crying after learning the series was nominated for two Emmy Awards.

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Could there have been another scandal during the filming of the upcoming season 11? Vanderpump Rules? Lisa Vanderpump certainly indicates that.

As Lisa teased “a different situation” and admitted to crying after learning her show had been nominated for two Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program and Outstanding Picture Editing for an Unstructured Reality Program, Ariana Madix said she was “over the moon” with the news, as other cast members also spoke out.

“I’m so excited and happy to find out Vanderpump Rules was nominated for two Emmys,” Ariana said in an Instagram Story shared by taste of reality. “We have the absolute best crew in the whole world and the best production and I mean we’ve been through so much and obviously in the last season you’ve seen some really rough and some really rough things that we’ve been through and the we had to experience.” To have this recognized is easy, it’s so exciting and it’s such an honor.”

During the last airing season, Ariana was devastated by the news that her boyfriend of nine years had passed away. Tom SandovalHe cheated on her with her best friend Rachel Leviss for months. But now, months later, in the midst of their new romance with Daniel WaiAriana is thriving with numerous partnerships and an upcoming role Dancing with the stars.

“I can’t believe we’re nominated for an Emmy. I’m over the moon so thank you so much,” Ariana concluded.

And in a dedicated video Sheana Shay was just as excited.

“Oh my god, we’re not nominated for one, we’re nominated for two Emmys,” she announced, turning to her two-year-old daughter. summer moonand asked her, “Summer, can you say, ‘Yay Emmy?'”

While Summer tended more to her bowl of oatmeal, Scheana continued, “I’ve been saying it for years: our editors deserve an Emmy, and guess what? We also. Congratulations to everyone working on our show, to our cast… We did it!

taste of reality also shared messages from Katie Maloney And Lala Kent about the Emmy nominations.

“If you ask me if it was worth sharing my life on TV for the last 10 years, the answer is yes. I am so incredibly proud of this show and everyone who is a part of it,” Katie wrote in her post.

“Congratulations to everyone involved. And yes, I mean EVERYONE. I’m grateful to be part of this phenomenon,” added Lala.

Vanderpump Rules Katie Maloney and Lala Kent React to Emmy Nomination

On her own Instagram page, Lisa shared a congratulatory message.

“[Pump Rules] is EMMY NOMINATED!!!!! Outstanding unstructured reality program and excellent photo editing for an unstructured reality program! Congratulations to everyone who has poured their heart and soul into this show over the past decade!” she wrote.

Meanwhile, around the same time, Lisa told Extra TVs Billy Bush that she felt “overwhelmed” and “so excited” about the Emmy news.

“I actually cried,” she admitted on July 12. “I actually thought, ‘How did a girl from England come here and suddenly end up on the morning of Emmy nominations?'” [getting] that call?’”

“But you know, getting a nomination, two nominations — one also for editing — it took so long, you know, into season ten. That’s why I’m so grateful… Sometimes the people behind the cameras don’t get the attention they deserve, so I’m really happy about that,” she continued.

When Billy then noticed that pump rules was “a beast” of a show, Lisa agreed, suggesting new drama would be on the way soon.

“It’s quite a beast – you’re right. In fact, we’re in the middle of a different situation right now,” teased Lisa. “[But] I don’t give up anything.”

Then, when she declined to elaborate on whether Sandoval’s affair was actually a gift to Ariana, who is at the peak of her career, Lisa admitted that she felt the backlash Sandoval has received was a little too much.

“I really do,” she said. “At the reunion, I tried to get everyone to breathe a little, but I don’t think you can take much.”

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