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Near Ludwigsburg there is delicious roast beef with home-made spaetzle

Owner Manuel Fritz and his wife Tabea offer modern Swabian and Italian cuisine here.

By Alexander Kappen

Aspach (near Ludwigsburg). The tenant couple renovated the inn at Hauptstraße 23 in Aspach. Nevertheless, they want to continue the traditional kitchen of the predecessor. That’s why there’s pot roast every Sunday. A lunch menu is offered on weekdays.

The roast beef with home-made spaetzle is priced at under 30 euros: 28.50 euros. Wiener schnitzel from saddle of veal with cranberries costs 25.90 euros.

For dessert, for example, coconut cream brulee with mango sorbet, pickled pomelo and lime crumble are on the menu for 11.50 euros.

Wooden walls and ceilings, heavy-looking tablecloths and curtains evoke rustic inn charm. Not everyone likes this, you have to like it. The dishes are modern, the atmosphere is not.

As always, more information online: www.lamm-aspach.de

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