Lord of the Flies Ending Explained, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

Lord of the Flies

“Lord of the Flies” is a survival drama film directed by Harry Hook and released in 1990. Starring Balthazar Getty, Chris Furrh, Danuel Pipoly, and James Badge Dale, the movie serves as the second adaptation of William Golding’s 1954 novel, following the 1963 version. While the film focuses primarily on the character of Ralph, who leads the children’s attempts to establish a society after their plane crash-lands on an uninhabited island, their efforts quickly spiral into chaos.

After its release in 1990, the film “Lord of the Flies” received a mixed response from critics, who expressed disappointment with the movie’s deviations from the original novel. While the performances and scenic visuals were applauded, the film struggled to attract audiences and failed to achieve significant financial success, grossing only $13 million domestically. 

Lord of the Flies Ending Explained

Lord of the Flies 1990 Movie Ending Explained: In the story, Simon comes across a disturbing sight—a pig’s head mounted on a stick. Using a glow stick, he explores a cave and discovers the body of Capt. Benson, realizing that the boys had mistaken him for a monster. Simon rushes to the beach to inform the others but is mistaken for the monster himself due to the glow stick.

The boys, in a state of fear, fatally stab Simon with their spears. The next day, Ralph blames himself and Piggy for not stopping the tragic event. Later, Jack’s group steals Piggy’s glasses to start a fire, leading Ralph and Piggy to visit Jack’s camp at Castle Rock. They attempt to call a meeting using the conch and urge everyone to work together, but Jack’s followers refuse to listen.

Tragically, as Piggy speaks, Roger deliberately pushes a boulder off a cliff, crushing Piggy and causing his death. Ralph swears revenge, but Jack and his hunters drive Ralph away by pelting him with rocks. Ralph seeks refuge with Sam and Eric, who warn him that the hunters will pursue him on Jack’s orders. The following day, Jack and his hunters set the jungle ablaze, hoping to flush out Ralph and kill him.

Narrowly escaping the spreading fire and evading Jack’s hunters, Ralph makes a desperate dash toward the sea. On the beach, he encounters a Marine Corps officer who has arrived on the island with other Marines after seeing the fire. As Jack and his hunters watch, filled with horror, they begin to contemplate their savage actions while Ralph breaks down in tears.

Lord of the Flies Summary

In the aftermath of a plane crash, 24 American military school cadets find themselves stranded on an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean. Captain Benson, the injured pilot and sole adult survivor, is in a state of delirium. Taking charge, Ralph, the Cadet Colonel, organizes a meeting among the boys to discuss their survival strategy.

With the discovery of a conch shell by the overweight cadet known as “Piggy,” it becomes the symbol of authority and the right to speak during their gatherings. Ralph is elected as the leader. Initially, the boys work together to start a signal fire, using Piggy’s glasses. However, tensions arise between Ralph and another prominent cadet named Jack.

As Jack’s desire for power grows, he gradually separates from Ralph’s group and forms his own camp. With the fire unattended one night, a missed opportunity for rescue passes them by. Further division emerges when Sam and Eric, twins and loyal followers of Ralph, mistake a dead parachutist for a terrifying beast and inform the others.


Jack’s savage faction embraces this belief and leaves an offering, the head of a slaughtered pig, as a tribute to the supposed monster residing in a cave. Simon, the introspective and compassionate cadet, stumbles upon the pig’s head on a stick. Venturing into the cave with a glow stick, he discovers the body of Captain Benson. Understanding the mistake the boys have made, Simon rushes to the beach to share his revelation.

However, his presence, illuminated by the glow stick, triggers fear in the others, who mistake him for the beast and tragically kill him. Ralph feels guilt-ridden and blames himself, along with Piggy, for not preventing Simon’s death. Jack further fuels the atmosphere of fear, proclaiming that the “beast” can take various forms.

In a night of chaos, Jack’s group steals Piggy’s glasses to start a fire, and Ralph and Piggy venture to Jack’s camp to reason with them. Their attempts fail, and a confrontation leads to Roger pushing a boulder off a cliff, fatally striking Piggy. Driven by anger and grief, Ralph vows revenge, but Jack’s hunters drive him away by pelting him with rocks.

Ralph seeks shelter with Sam and Eric, who warn him that the hunters are ordered to pursue him. The next morning, Jack’s savages set the jungle ablaze to flush out Ralph and end his life. Ralph narrowly evades the fire and the hunters’ pursuit, making a desperate dash towards the sea. Exhausted, Ralph collapses on the beach, where he encounters a United States Marine Corps officer and his unit.

They had spotted the fire that engulfed the island and arrived to investigate. Witnessing the chaotic state of the boys and Ralph’s tearful breakdown, the officer reflects on their savage behavior. Jack and his hunters stand in silent realization.

Lord of the Flies Movie Cast



Balthazar Getty  Ralph
Chris Furrh  Jack
Danuel Pipoly  Piggy
James Badge Dale  Simon
Andrew Taft  Sam
Edward Taft  Eric
Gary Rule  Roger
Michael Greene  Captain Benson
Bob Peck U.S. Marine Corps Officer

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