Lori Harvey cuddles Damson Idris after Quavo dating rumours

Lori Harvey says apparently: “My man, my man, may man NOT be.” Quavo‘ after sharing a snap of her dreamy vacation with Damson Idris.

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The love birds appear to be doing well after the paparazzi hinted she was at a party lunch meeting with Quavo after the two stars were spotted leaving Bungalows restaurant in West Hollywood a few days ago.

The rumor quickly spread as it cemented the 26-year-old’s “It-Girl”/Thanos status. Still, Lori clearly remains linked to her British friend and shared a clip on IG to prove it.

The socialite used her Insta Stories to share a selfie-mode video of her gorgeous beachy look before grabbing Damson’s hand and panning to him. The 31-year-old actor smiled softly as he sat next to his “NuNu” in a restaurant. The couple looked beautiful but the adorable backdrop of sea and mountains stole the show.

Harvey made headlines earlier this week when reports surfaced that she and Migos rapper Quavo were spotted leaving a bar at the same time. However, Quavo and Lori were quick to let the world know the speculation was about “Cap.”

“Lmao no I had lunch with my best friends who are right behind me,” she captioned a TikTok user’s video on Wednesday, after the content creator praised Lori for the new romance.

In classic Quavo fashion, the 32-year-old simply wrote “Shidd Cap” on his Instagram Stories.

Lori Harvey and Damson Idris are still going strong after seven months of criticism and haters

Red carpet premiere event for the sixth and final season of FX's "snowfall" - Red carpet

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Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter and Damson caused a stir in January after going public with their relationship on her 26th birthday. The snowfall The actress announced the pairing ahead of their birthday party. The rough start cemented Lori’s status as Hollywood’s ultimate collector of fine black men.

The British actor post The SKN founder’s kiss on the cheek while they posed intimately sent social media into a frenzy. He later shared a picture of Lori holding stacks of cash to each ear with the caption, “The Plug.”

The pair were later accused of lacking “the chemistry” and being in a relationship that clearly looks “forced.”

Lori, who rarely responds to social media content, wrote: Or maybe I just put on body makeup and told him not to get too close because I didn’t want to get it on his suit. Lol, y’all try to find a problem in everything.”

The couple’s appearance the following month in swarm star’s LA premiere for the sixth and final season of snowfall further confirmed their new love. As they walked the red carpet, Damson kissed Lori gently on the forehead. The sweet moment had fans salivating and wishing they received the ‘Brick by Brick’ actor’s affection instead.

The Outside the Wire The star doesn’t belittle his love and public displays of affection for the model. Critics slammed the couple after a clip surfaced of him gazing affectionately at Lori as they slow-dance at Beyoncé’s Renaissance concert in London. Fans said his actions were gruesome and implied that he was obviously in love while Lori seemed indifferent.

Twitter users found the style star uncomfortable. They noted that Damson kissed her on the cheek while slow dancing and she flinched after a kiss. Others noted that about other people’s relationships, you should “believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear.”

Maybe she’s just not comfortable with PDAs, folks.

Responding to the criticism, Damson tweeted: “Everyday chat, chat, chat. You don’t rest. please man Mind your own business.”

The actor deleted his Twitter account shortly after.

Lori’s connection with the BET Award winner came six months after her split from “Creed” star Michael B. Jordan. The Renaissance woman was also reportedly dating rapper Future, R&B singer Trey Songz and Dutch soccer player Memphis Depay, who proposed to Lori in 2017.

Apparently, all is well in Lori Harvey’s love life.

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