Lost your cell phone? Know everything you need to do to avoid a headache

We all know how attached we are to our smartphones, right? But with the rise in theft, knowing how to locate or lock your device is crucial. That’s why we’ve brought you several tips that will make you a wizard when it comes to protecting your cell phone.

Lost your cell phone?  Find out everything you need to do to avoid a headache -

Lost your cell phone? Find out everything you need to do to avoid a headache –

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We caught up with the amazing tech guru Michelle Menhem, who told us all about finding your phone. “Many big brands have created tools and functions that allow you to track the phone, but you need to validate the settings in advance. For example, Samsung offers its own service called ‘Find My Phone’, which is similar to Google. Apple also has ‘Find My iPhone’ and the function ‘Send Last Location’“, says Michelle, tech expert at Tech Channel.

Too easy! For Samsung users, just go to your phone settings, tap ‘Security & Privacy’ and find ‘Find My Phone’ option. Make sure you are signed in to your Samsung account and enable the ‘Remote Unlock’ and ‘Send Last Location’ features. Voila! Everything is ready!

Now, Apple fans, you’re not far behind! Michelle assures us that Apple is with you too. Just head over to their website and they have a helpful tutorial to help you locate and lock your precious device. It’s like magic!

But wait, there’s more! The expert advises: “If you locate your cell phone, do not go directly to the marked location. File a police report at a police station or on the website of the Civil Police in your state.” That is, folks: safety first!

Now let’s say all these tips fail and you need to lock your device forever. In such cases, call your carrier, give them the IMEI number (which is like the secret code hidden in your phone’s settings or case) and ask them to block it. ^ Done!

But here’s the ultimate power move to keep sneaky thieves at bay: enable two-factor authentication! Michelle emphasizes that this is the most effective way to ensure that no one accesses her bank and social media accounts. And don’t forget to use strong passwords, with capital letters, symbols, numbers — everything! Trust us, these “super passwords” will be your best friend when the going gets tough. Also, make sure you have a different recovery email than the one on your phone. That way, even if the crooks try to break in, they won’t get their hands on your personal stuff.

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