Lots going on at Alaturka – Germany’s best doner kebab – Stuttgart Journal

Lots going on at Alaturka – Germany’s best doner kebab – Stuttgart Journal

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The reporter was once again visiting the popular kebab shop in the city center

A doner kebab costs almost 10 euros here, but it’s really worth it – the very best quality.

By Alexander Kappen

Stuttgart. The Swabian can once again be proud of Germany’s best kebab shop, which is based in Stuttgart. “Alaturka” – there at Olgastraße 75 there is always a lot going on. Normally, the line of customers extends to the street from the customers who all want a doner kebab. There was no queuing on Thursday afternoon – instead, everything inside was full – every table was occupied by guests.

A group of young men enjoyed their doner kebab with salad during their lunch break. “We are from Stuttgart and come here regularly for lunch. It just tastes great and afterwards you’re in a good mood for the rest of the working day,” the guests told me (photo).

The senior boss was also pleased: “Press, that is, advertising, is always welcome with us”. In the meantime, television (Kabel 1) has already reported on Germany’s best doner kebab (there was an official vote by a travel portal). We also released a video about Alaturka – it was a complete success with over 6000 clicks.

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