Lula is unlucky when he talks about China’s past – 04/29/2023 – Elio Gaspari

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Lula is unlucky when he talks about China’s past. In 2003, he twice said that Napoleon Bonaparte was in the Middle Land. This never happened.

Now, in the middle of his speeches about the war in Ukraine, he said that “China has not waged war for many years.”

One gets the impression that, since the end of World War II, China has left others alone. In 1950, it entered the Korean War and, in 1959, annexed Tibet.

In 1979 China invaded Vietnam with hundreds of thousands of troops. In the words of Deng Xiaoping, “China needs to teach Vietnam a lesson”. The attack sought to provide a forceful solution to border disputes and did not go as Deng had hoped. Relations between the two countries only normalized in 1991.

union monopoly

By the floor of the carriage, the Federal Supreme Court will recreate the union tax with the name of contribution, to remunerate the activity of the guilds in the negotiations with the bosses.

Before Michel Temer’s reform, workers were obliged to give a day’s service to the unions. With the end of the tax, the boxes dried up. The idea of ​​collecting a contribution from workers, unionized or not, is in the Supreme Court.

Professor José Pastore said it all when dealing with the subject. The issue is not in the contribution itself, but in the union monopoly:

“In most democratic countries, there are mechanisms for making activities linked to collective bargaining work viable.

In trade union organization in these countries, the concept of representativeness is crucial. It concerns the legitimacy and acceptance of trade unions by their constituents. (…)

When they lose the trust of those they represent, they can join another union or create a new one. It is the system of union freedom and plurality. In Brazil, there is no requirement of representativeness. (…)

In union unity, as practiced in Brazil, the system is monopolistic and guaranteed for life. The disaffected have nowhere to go.”


On the next four Sundays, the signatory will enjoy a personal blackout.

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