Lula is welcomed by Chinese President Xi Jinping

The main subject of the meeting is the trade relationship between the countries and partnerships in strategic areas, such as technology and agribusiness.

The President of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was received by the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping. On the agenda, the formalization of at least 15 trade agreements between the two countries.



Photo: Ricardo Stuckert / Brazil Profile

According to the Ministry of Finance, the values ​​are around R$ 50 billion in investment. Among the announced agreements, some related to the agribusiness and technology sector: Brazil and China will work together on a plan for cooperation in electronic certification for products of animal origin. Furthermore, the two countries are going to address the protocol on sanitary and quarantine requirements for processed protein from terrestrial animals to be exported from Brazil to China.

At the arrival ceremony, Lula, Xi Jinping and their entourages exchanged greetings and walked together in Celestial Peace Square to the sound of the anthems of both countries and Brazilian music, such as ‘Novo Tempo’, by Ivan Lins.

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