Lula needs to say that “new world order” wants to build with two dictatorships – 04/18/2023

President Lula says he wants to contribute to the construction of a new world order.

It is a phrase said a long time ago by Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, whose eternal Minister of Foreign Affairs, Serguei Lavrov, repeated it yesterday at the meeting with Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira. According to Lavrov, Russia and Brazil are “united by the desire to contribute to a more democratic and polycentric world order”.

The presidents of Russia and China think the West rules too much.

Lula also thinks that the West and the United States rule too much (“Every night I ask myself why all countries need to do their trade backed by the dollar”), and that is why he echoes Putin and Xi Jinping.

And what would this new world order be for?

Certainly to solve problems that the current one is not realizing.

Global warming, for example. The regulation of social networks, perhaps. Possibly also the reform of the UN, which, according to Lula, “no longer represents anything”.

It so happens that the Brazilian president should remember that China, despite declared environmentalist pretensions, remains addicted to coal — last year, it increased mining and construction of ore plants to the point of raising carbon dioxide emissions by almost 6%. greenhouse effect.

In the same way, Lula could recognize that Russia does not promise to be a good partner in the discussion of the regulation of social networks – just remember how Putin usually deals with those he considers to misuse them.

And would a leader who invaded his neighbor and threw the notion of international law out the window really be accredited to plan UN reform?

What Lula is indicating by echoing the mantra of “multipolar governance” and “post-Western” is that he wants a new world order along the lines of Putin and Xi Jinping.

Is anyone served?

The president would do better if, as the diplomat and former minister Rubens Ricupero has long suggested, he concentrated his diplomatic efforts on the environmental issue, where, there, yes, he has recognized clout and guaranteed audience. It may not win the Nobel Peace Prize, but it would certainly avoid embarrassment.

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