Lula, STF and TCU ministers compete for TRF-1 vacancies for allies

The dispute for the seven open vacancies in the TRF (Tribunal Regional Federal) of the 1st Region, in Brasília, became a scenario of war. Ministers of the STF (Federal Supreme Court) and TCU (Union Court of Auditors), as well as politicians allied with President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), are fighting to place their patrons in the currently empty seats.

There are currently 13 vacancies for judges open at TRF-1, created by law last year. Of these, 7 must be completed according to merit and 6, based on seniority. Therefore, only the first group depends on the Lula government’s choice.

Even so, Lula’s power of choice is small. The TRF-1 received the registration of 34 judges interested in vacancies by merit and reduced the list to 9 candidates. The names were forwarded to the Ministry of Justice, which will eliminate two names and send them to the Civil House for analysis, so that Lula can then sign the nominations.

Therefore, in the current situation, the fight is not to be eliminated in the final stretch. The backstage bet is to exclude João Carlos Mayer Soares, from the Federal District, and Saulo José Casali, from Bahia.

They are expected to be on the final list. Antonio Oswaldo Scarpa, from Bahia, and Katia Balbino de Carvalho Ferreirafrom the Federal District, which receive the support of the Minister of the Civil House, Rui Costa, and Senator Jaques Wagner (PT-BA). Roberto Carvalho Velosofrom Maranhão, has a connection with the Minister of Justice, Flávio Dino. Leo Aparecido Alvesfrom Goiás, has the support of several ministers of the TCU (Tribunal de Contas da União).

Newton Pereira Ramos Neto, from Brasília, was an assistant judge for Kassio Nunes Marques when he was a judge at the TRF-1. The current STF minister supports his colleague’s candidacy. Candice Lavocat Galvão Jobim receives support from his father-in-law, former STF Minister Nelson Jobim.

Marcelo Velasco Nascimento Albernaz, from Brasília, is the only one with a guaranteed place. He is on the merit list for the third time and, by rule, Lula is obliged to nominate him.

According to UOL found out with members of the government, the nominations for the TRF-1 must be defined after the replacement of Ricardo Lewandowski in the STF is announced. The minister’s retirement is scheduled for the next 11th. After that, the nominee needs to be submitted to the CCJ (Constitution and Justice Commission) in the Senate.

Lula does not want to define judges and ministers of other important courts before hitting the hammer on the STF — in the vacancy to be opened in April with the retirement of Ricardo Lewandowski —, so as not to further inflame the political disputes in Brasilia over the vacancies of the Judiciary .

The TRF-1 is made up of 43 judges. Vacancies are the subject of political dispute because the court is the second instance of proceedings initiated in 13 states and the Federal District. In court, cases of great repercussion are processed, such as the influence peddling scheme at the MEC (Ministry of Education) discovered during the Jair Bolsonaro (PL) government.

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