Lula’s team lacks a Caesar whisperer: ‘Remember that you are mortal’ – 03/26/2023

Julius Caesar always had a slave by his side to whisper in his ear: “Remember that you are mortal.” The breath served as an antidote against the toxin of megalomania. A whisperer would inoculate in Lula’s mind the perception that exposing in front of the cameras the desire to “fuck that Moro” resembles the language of his predecessor. She would warn that revenge does not go hand in hand with the thesis according to which “love won”.

A conscience in tow would warn the sovereign that lying and fabricating conspiracies were not part of the broad front agreement for the restoration of democracy that Bolsonaro defiled. With two whispers in less than 72 hours, Lula would perhaps be encouraged to apologize for calling the Federal Police’s operation that disarmed the PCC’s plan to kidnap or annihilate opponents a “framing”.

A whisper to Bolsonaro would be useless, as the captain has no conscience. He consciously exercised unconsciousness during the four years of his Presidency. Lula’s case is more complicated. The sage of the PT tribe considers himself so superior that he doesn’t give up being his own whisperer. He considers that his own critical conscience is enough to contain eventual imperial outbreaks.

Under Bolsonaro’s precariousness, ministers and assistants who dared to differ, even between four walls, were sent to the street. Under Lula, the divergence does not dare to show its face even in reserved environments. The presumed superiority of the president turns advisers into courtiers like Paulo Pimenta, the head of Secom.

There is only one thing worse than the anti-Lulism or the primary anti-Bolsonarism of the duo’s opponents. It is pro-Lulism or innocent pro-bolsonarism. Anyone who was exhausted by Bolsonaro is distressed by the willingness of Lula’s assistants and allies to swallow all of the character’s presumptions about himself. This includes accepting the thesis according to which, like his predecessor, Lula came into the world to carry out a mission that, being divine, is indisputable.

All political leaders cultivate the fantasy of exceptionality. But Lula, like Bolsonaro, exaggerates. Keeping due proportions, Lula III also thinks that the personal notion of superiority amnesty for all his faults and perversions. He is driven by a faith that recalls the origins of most of his believers. In Bolsonaro’s case, the faith was pseudo-Christian. Under Lula, it is supposedly socialist. The ingredient of doubt is excluded from both creeds.

Whispers did not save Julius Caesar from death. Incidentally, the historiography does not clarify where the whisperer was at the time of the stabbing plotted by Brutus and the other conspirators. Maybe he was hiding behind some pillar, muttering: “I told you so!” Imagine what can happen to Caesars who find it unnecessary to have someone by their side to whisper from time to time, “Remember that you are not immortal.”

In 2022, voters threw dirt on top of the hole Bolsonaro dug for himself. The captain was honored with the title of the first president in history not to be re-elected. Today, he roams the conjuncture like a specter awaiting ineligibility. Lula III still has three years and ten months to convince himself that he too is subject to the human condition.

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