Lurup: Man almost kills woman – her daughter gets help

It’s a shocking crime: A 41-year-old man who is said to have abused his partner repeatedly must answer to the Hamburg Regional Court from Tuesday. The woman’s 13-year-old daughter had to watch some of the crimes.

The prosecution accuses the man of attempted manslaughter and dangerous bodily harm in two counts. In November 2022, the accused allegedly hit the woman in the head with a salt and pepper shaker in her apartment in the Lurup district so hard that she suffered a bleeding wound and a hematoma in her eye.

Mother abused in front of her daughter – life-threatening head injuries

Two days later, according to the indictment, he attacked his partner in the early hours of the morning in her kitchen. He hit her head with his fists and is said to have continued to hit her when she was already on the ground. The back of her head repeatedly hit the floor.

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The mother’s cries for help woke her 13-year-old daughter. The defendant is said to have put a sponge in the woman’s mouth to prevent her from screaming. He sent the girl to bed and lay down next to his critically injured partner.

The next morning, the teenager confided in a teacher. Rescue workers were alerted and found the mother unconscious in the apartment. She had suffered, among other things, an open traumatic brain injury, a skull base fracture, numerous external injuries and a fracture of the skullcap. (dpa/mp)

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