Luxa seems to fit like a glove in the Corinthians environment

Juca Kfouri analyzed in the Ball possession that coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo “fitted like a glove” in the troubled environment at Corinthians.

‘Save us’: “It’s May and the organized fans have already delivered the season, they’re already thinking about next year, that’s a given. As if to say, and that’s all Vanderlei Luxemburgo would like to hear: ‘Save us from the second division’ . Those have been the goals of his last works, to avoid the confusion zone”.

‘Fits like a glove’: “Corinthians’ problem is that you look at the December elections and there is no prospect of renewal. Either you will have a candidate from the situation or an opposition that is actually not an opposition and has a terrifying record. And there is no third way , because the elections are for 3,000 people and cards are marked, there is no prospect of renewal at Corinthians. It is in the terrible situation of having to choose the least bad, not the best. Corinthians life is very complicated, and in this particular, Luxembourg seems fit like a glove in this environment. The perspective of Corinthians is sad”.

‘Duilio is the worst president in the history of Corinthians’, detonates Juca Kfouri

Juca Kfouri said that Corinthians has had many bad presidents in its history, but Duilio Monteiro Alves “is the worst”.

The bronze rat bears the name that once again achieved the feat of bringing the Corinthians fans together: Duilio Monteiro Alves, the worst president in the history of Corinthians. Of course, Corinthians has already had horrible presidents, but Duilio Monteiro Alves, with a knife and cheese in his hand, does not solve the debt issue and puts Corinthians at risk of the second division.” Juca Kfouri

Mauro Cezar: ‘Flamengo is an accommodating team, and that’s not the coach’s fault’

Mauro Cezar Pereira analyzed that Flamengo today has a comfortable team.

Of course, we can criticize Sampaoli’s choices and of course we can criticize the players a lot, accommodating, lazy. Flamengo is a comfortable team and that is not the coach’s fault, no, because the coach changes and that doesn’t change.” Mauro Cezar

Mauro Cezar: ‘Gabigol may think he’s hot, but he has to score’

Mauro Cezar commented on the end of Gabigol’s fast with the ball rolling in Flamengo and the record for the highest Brazilian scorer in Libertadores, with 30 goals.

Yesterday Gabigol returned to score a goal with the ball rolling after 15 games. Okay, cool, he scored the goal, but it’s not enough. He can’t go another 15 games without scoring with the ball rolling, he may think he’s hot like he said and such, his problem, but he has to score. He’s a striker, he can’t go 15 games without scoring, he’s the record holder for Brazilian goals in the Libertadores.” Mauro Cezar

‘As long as you have this pathos, Flamengo will not’, says Trajano

José Trajano criticized what he called the “dumbness” of the Flamengo squad.

Flamengo’s problem is the group, apart from the board, changing coaches and such, it’s the group. As long as you have the duck, that little duck there, unfortunately it won’t. That’s it, they were champions, glorious, magnificent, they gave titles to Flamengo, but there comes a time when things get stuck.” Jose Trajano

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