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Married at First Sight, a popular reality show that matches strangers and marries them off, took the nation’s capital by storm during its tenth season. The season featured five couples, and each of them had their share of ups and downs as they navigated life with their stranger spouses. Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman, Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd, Taylor Dunklin and Brandon Reid, Meka Jones and Michael Watson, as well as Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice, were the couples that viewers got to know during season 10. Each couple brought their unique personalities and quirks to the show, and fans were invested in their journeys from the very beginning. However, the Washington D.C.-based experiment was not without its drama. The season saw the first annulment ever granted in the franchise, and it was given to one of the couples. The drama surrounding the annulment had fans hooked, and it added another layer of excitement to the already thrilling show.

Despite the drama and the ups and downs, some of the couples managed to make their marriages work. Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd were the only couples that stayed together, and their love story became one of the highlights of the season. Fans of the show were invested in their relationship and were thrilled to see them make it work. In conclusion, Married at First Sight’s tenth season in Washington D.C. was an exciting journey for fans of the show. The season featured five couples, and each of them brought their unique personalities and challenges to the show. While some of the couples didn’t make it, the season also produced a success story in Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd. Despite the drama, fans of the show continue to tune in to see if the next season will produce more success stories and drama.

MAFS Season 10 Who Are Still Together?

Married at First Sight (MAFS) is a reality TV show that has taken America by storm. The show revolves around the idea of marrying total strangers, and Lifetime brought the concept to American TV. The show is based on a third party matching the couples on the basis of certain traits, and then they get married without ever having met before. While the show is known for its drama and the number of marriages that fail, it has also produced some successful couples. Compared to other dating and romance reality shows, MAFS provides couples with professional marriage counseling, which gives them a better chance of making their marriages work. Additionally, the show pairs people who are based in the same city, making it easier for them to build their relationships. Season 10 of MAFS featured five couples, and only one couple managed to stay together. Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd exchanged vows during the show’s run in 2020, and they have been happily married since then. Their success story makes them one of the twelve couples that have managed to make their marriages work after being matched by the show.

Jessica and Austin have shown that it is possible to build a strong relationship with a total stranger. Their marriage has only gotten stronger with time, and they have become a fan-favorite couple. Fans of the show have been following their journey since they tied the knot, and many have been inspired by their love story. In conclusion, Married at First Sight has brought a unique concept to American TV, and while the show has had its share of failed marriages, it has also produced some successful couples. Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd from Season 10 are one of the success stories of the show, proving that marrying a total stranger can work if the right match is made and the couple is committed to making their marriage work.

Lyndall and Cameron

Lyndall and Cameron, both aged 27, were the first couple to tie the knot on this season of MAFS Australia. Initially, they appeared to have a strong connection, but their relationship began to unravel during family week when Cameron refused to hug Lyndall, causing their mothers to intervene and causing a rift between them. Their situation worsened when Cameron revealed that his work could keep him away from Lyndall for up to six months per year, which did not sit well with her. During homestay week, tensions between the couple were palpable, with Lyndall feeling like Cameron treated her more like a friend than a partner. Cameron, on the other hand, claimed he had difficulty expressing affection due to his upbringing. During the final vow exchange, Lyndall openly criticized Cameron, stating that he was unwilling to compromise and that she felt like a burden to him. In a groundbreaking moment, Lyndall chose to leave without hearing Cameron’s response, indicating that she wanted to construct a life of which she could be proud. It is evident that Lyndall and Cameron are no longer together.

Bronte and Harrison

The second couple to wed on the show were Bronte, a 28-year-old beauty educator, and Harrison, a 32-year-old carpenter. However, their relationship was plagued with difficulties from the start when one of Bronte’s friends accused Harrison of dating someone outside the show. Their honeymoon was also problematic when Harrison revealed to Bronte that he did not find her sexually attractive. This resulted in them residing in separate apartments throughout their stay. At the first commitment ceremony, Harrison expressed his desire to depart from the show. Bronte refused to go on a date with Harrison during intimacy week, but the two decided to give their relationship another shot. They grew closer throughout the experiment, and Bronte even stated that she trusted Harrison after he deleted a woman’s number that he had taken during a night out. Following the retreat week, their relationship appeared to be on the rocks, but they surprised everyone by opting to stay in the show. However, at the final dinner party, their relationship reached a definitive end when Harrison expressed his displeasure with the way Bronte and her sister spoke to him during the homestay. Bronte eventually left the party, ending their relationship.

Sandy and Dan

Sandy, aged 36, and Dan, aged 42, were the next couple to exchange vows, but Sandy’s family did not attend the ceremony due to their discomfort with the situation. Although they appeared to have a good connection initially, their relationship did not progress smoothly. During an outing with Dan, Rupert accidentally called Evelyn, another bride, and she overheard Dan making derogatory remarks about Sandy. Sandy was taken aback when she heard this because Dan had allegedly told her that he was spending time with his daughter. Dan apologized to Sandy for his behavior. The couple decided to end their relationship at the fourth commitment ceremony. Dan subsequently began dating Samantha, who had been a guest at his wedding to Sandy, but they have since broken up.

Claire and Jesse

Claire, 31, and Jesse, 30, appeared to be a perfect match when they exchanged their vows, but their relationship began to fall apart when Jesse became uncomfortable with Claire’s fondness for crystals. Their issues worsened when Jesse told Claire to be quiet during their honeymoon, and they continued to clash throughout their marriage. Although they seemed to reconcile, their relationship hit another bump when Claire kissed another contestant, Adam. Initially denying any wrongdoing, Claire eventually came clean to Jesse, apologized, and tried to make amends. Unfortunately, they were unable to overcome their differences, and they ended their relationship during the fifth commitment ceremony.

Tahnee and Ollie

The youngest couple in this year’s experiment, 27-year-old Tahnee and 26-year-old Ollie, have been head over heels for each other since their wedding day and have not encountered any significant challenges. At the final vow ceremony, they chose to continue their relationship and expressed their affection through heartfelt and adorable vows. Their current relationship status after filming is unknown and will likely be revealed during the reunion.

Tanelle and Adam

Janelle and Adam’s relationship was off to a rocky start as she had reservations about his career choice, and her brothers discovered that Adam had cheated in a previous relationship. Their relationship took a turn for the worse when Adam kissed another contestant, Claire, and their relationship never quite recovered from it. Consequently, they both decided to leave the experiment single during the third commitment ceremony.

Caitlin and Shannon

Caitlin, 27, and Shannon, 30, had a promising start to their marriage, but things soon took a turn for the worse. During a photo ranking challenge, Shannon did not choose Caitlin as the person he was most attracted to. Later, Caitlin overheard Shannon speaking to his ex-girlfriend on the phone and confessing that he was still in love with her. Despite this, they decided to stay together for another week, but Shannon’s unkind comments about Caitlin’s appearance made it clear that he was not over his ex. Following a tense discussion with the experts, Caitlin and Shannon decided to end their relationship during the second recommitment ceremony.

Alyssa and Duncan

Alyssa and Duncan, both in their mid-thirties, faced several obstacles in their relationship. One of the early challenges was when Alyssa disclosed to Duncan that she had previously engaged in an affair, which caught him off guard. Alyssa also struggled with intimacy due to her Mormon upbringing, which caused some tension between the couple. Later on, a disagreement arose when Duncan chose to play tennis with the other men instead of spending time with Alyssa. During the feedback week, Duncan criticized Alyssa for being too negative and making him feel shut out. In turn, Alyssa expressed anxiety that Duncan would leave when things got difficult and believed he didn’t understand what it was like to have a child. Despite these issues, Alyssa remained hopeful about their future together, but during the final vow ceremony, Duncan chose to end their relationship. He had already confided in his sister that he felt like he was walking on eggshells in the marriage and felt rejected.

Melissa and Josh

Josh and Melissa, aged 40 and 41 respectively, were the oldest couple in this year’s experiment. While they seemed to have a good start, they faced major issues with intimacy and communication, often struggling to open up to each other. Their lack of connection continued to worsen, leading Josh to leave during the second commitment ceremony, while Melissa decided to stay. The experts ultimately decided that it was best for both of them to leave the experiment, despite Melissa’s decision to stay. During the ceremony, Josh expressed his dissatisfaction and accused Melissa of belittling his masculinity. Seeing his distress, the experts gave him the option to leave the experiment, which he ultimately chose to do.

Melinda and Layton

Layton, 35, and Melinda, 32, didn’t have an instant connection during their wedding ceremony, as Melinda wasn’t impressed with Layton’s appearance. However, their relationship gradually progressed, and they became closer over time. Although there were some bumps in the road, such as when Melinda overheard Harrison commenting on their relationship being “toxic”, and a subsequent argument with Harrison’s wife Bronte that left Layton unhappy. Nonetheless, during the final vow ceremony, the couple decided to continue their relationship and expressed their love for each other in heartfelt vows. Only the reunion will reveal whether their relationship has lasted beyond the experiment.

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