‘Magic expert’ wanted for killing girlfriend he met online

Victim was killed with a handmade sword and had the body burned; Police say the case is a homicide

He has already tried to kill two military police officers and another person involved in an argument;  he wore an electronic anklet for the crime

He has already tried to kill two military police officers and another person involved in an argument; he wore an electronic anklet for the crime

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A 37-year-old man is suspected of killing his girlfriend, 21, in Porto Alegre. According to the Civil Police, the young man traveled from Pará to Rio Grande do Sul to meet the man who introduces himself on the internet as a “magic expert”. She was killed with a sword and had her body burned in the early hours of Sunday, the 26th.

Delegate Cristiane Pires Ramos, in charge of the case, points out that it is a case of femicide. The victim, Laila Vitória, met the man through social media, where he presented himself as a “witch” in a religion created by himself, with statues, images and a specific deity. .

According to the police, André Ávila, known as Victor Samedi on the internet, killed Laila with the use of cold weapons, using a handmade sword from his collection. He hit the young woman’s chest and then tried to burn the body in the fireplace of the residence itself.

Defense marks were found in the environment, demonstrating that there was a physical struggle.

“There is no ritualistic sign that leads us to understand that it is anything related to the religion he created. But, yes, to femicide, in a situation of gender violence”, reinforces the delegate.

Neighbors heard screams for help and a gunshot noise – which hit the victim’s cell phone. The police were then called and the suspect fled towards a wooded area near his house. He remains on the run and investigations are ongoing.

Suspect has a criminal record

André has a criminal record for attempted triple homicide. The victims were two military police officers and another person involved in an argument. He wore an electronic anklet due to the crime since January of this year. On Sunday, while running away, he broke the device.

In search of information about André’s whereabouts, the Civil Police make available the telephone number 051 98444-0606, with 24-hour service. The report tried to contact the victim’s relatives, but did not receive a response until the publication of this article. The space remains open.

will surrender

To the Earth, the lawyer Jean Maicon Kruse, who represents André, stated that he is still negotiating with the police for the suspect to come forward spontaneously. The idea is that he will be handed over on the afternoon of this Wednesday, the 29th.

In a note, the lawyer denies the accusations, as well as the possibility that the facts established in the investigations have religious motivations. The report asked about the religion created by the wanted person, but the lawyer said he was unaware of the issue.

Victim was André’s ‘follower’

Laila Vitória was one of André Ávila’s followers and traveled from Parauapeba (PA) to Porto Alegre (RS) to meet him. She had been at the suspect’s home since mid-February. Witnesses reported to the Civil Police that the two lived a conflicting relationship.

“They were fighting a lot. He had already verbalized to some witnesses that he was going to kill her and that he did not accept her behavior, which is a very common statement among men who practice feminicide”, warned police chief Cristiane Pires Ramos.

Other testimonies say that he used controlled medication without medical supervision and consumed alcohol in excess – which caused fear even in his family members, because of his aggressiveness.


‘Victor Samedi’, the name used by André Ávila, has more than 19,000 followers on TikTok and more than 10,000 on Instagram. With frequent publications, he declares himself “high priest” and divulges, mainly, his private works of magic – such as “couple separation”, “enemy destruction”, “thought manipulation” and “necromantic rituals”.

Part of his active followers call him “master” and, in several publications, salute with him the “spirit of vengeance”. André Ávila also shares what look like rituals with animals, supposedly performed in an environment full of statues and symbolism.

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