Malaysia ends mandatory death penalty, free e-cigarettes for British smokers, ‘world-changer’ malaria vaccine

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we bring you stories about major crime sentencing reforms in Malaysia, a free e-cigarette program launching in England and Ghana approving a “world changer” malaria vaccine.

Malaysia set to scrap mandatory death penalty for range of serious crimes

The reform could mean reprieves for some of the 1,300 prisoners on death row, including 500 foreigners.

Source: The Guardian

New ‘world changer’ malaria vaccine approved in Ghana

Ghana is the first country to approve a new malaria vaccine that has been described as a ‘world-changer’ by the scientists who developed it.

Source: BBC

Free vaping starter kits given out to help people stop smoking tobacco

The ‘swap to stop’ vaping kits will be given to one million people. But charities warn the step is ‘nowhere near sufficient’.

Source: BBC

First government-run mental health app and helpline created in Pakistan

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif launched the mobile app and toll-free helpline 1166 on World Health Day.

Source: Geo News

Colorado passes first US right to repair law for farmers

Colorado is set to become the first US state where farmers can legally fix their own equipment, with manufacturers obliged to provide them with manuals for diagnostic software and other aids.

Source: Reuters

People receive free trees for killing off invasive ones in Kansas and Missouri

The Deep Roots KC program will give out hundreds of free trees to people who kill invasive ornamental pear trees, which put native plants under strain.

Source: KCUR

Swedish city creates a giant underground hot water bottle

Caverns below the Swedish city of Västerås, once used to store oil during the Cold War, is tapped to become Europe’s largest thermal storage facility.

Source: BBC

This school in Madrid was designed by pupils

With the help of Spanish architect Andrés Jaque, students’ visions of a special school has come to life.

Source: positive news

Toronto models housing project after African societies

The African Canadian Affordable Housing project hopes to create affordable and culturally relevant housing, bringing in African values ​​such as connection.

Source: Next City

How land reparations improve Black women’s health

Black land collectives provide a place for Black people, particularly women, to address intergenerational trauma and rediscover some of their roots.

Source: Yes! Magazines

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