Man drowned in White Lake

A swimmer suddenly disappeared while bathing in the Weißer See. After a long search, the 27-year-old was found. However, any help came too late.

The view of the Weißer See 

The view of the White Lake Press photo Wagner

A man drowned in a lake in Berlin on Saturday. According to a fire department spokesman, the emergency call was received by the situation service shortly after 7 p.m. A person suddenly stopped appearing while bathing in the Weißen See in the Pankow district. A swimmer noticed this and immediately drew attention to herself. Rescuers on boats and divers searched for the missing person. The bathing operation had to be stopped because of the operation.

The search lasted three hours, according to police information. “We were able to get the person out of the water. Unfortunately, resuscitation, which was initiated immediately, was unsuccessful,” the spokesman continued. The person died in the ambulance. According to the police, the man was 27 years old.

A man was also missing in Plötzensee on Saturday evening. According to the fire department, this is a false alarm. The man had already left the water again.

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