Man hits panelist, accusing him of sexually assaulting his wife

An angry husband stormed the stage during a gynecology discussion at a Baltimore doctors’ conference, punching a speaker and accusing the doctor of sexually abusing his wife.

“That motherfucker sexually assaulted my wife seven years ago,” the man in the video yells onstage amid a two-minute profanity-laced tirade.

As the shocked audience saw the video and took it in, the slap started walking away briefly, but turned back.

“You know what you did!” he yelled, saying the sexual assault took place in “New York,” though he didn’t specify whether it was the city or state. He hit the speaker again and shouted profanities.

“Wrong place,” said a bystander in the audience. “Wrong time.”

“My wife suffers because of you”

The slap continued to berate the speaker as he walked out with a woman he identified as his wife.

“My wife is suffering because you’re a fucking predator!” he continued to yell in the video.

The slap can be seen in another video, in which several men, likely security guards, escort him away. Another man told him there was a better way to deal with it, like filing a complaint.

“No,” said the slap. “I do not want. I do not want.”

An anonymous Twitter user posted the footage after another user shared a statement This is credited to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, which cryptically referred to a “safety incident” at a panel discussion for the 2023 annual clinical and scientific meeting.

“Security protocols were followed and the situation was quickly resolved by plainclothes security and eventually the Baltimore Police Department,” the statement said. “We apologize to those who may have been affected by the incident or subsequent exchanges. ACOG does not condone violence of any kind.”

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