Man sentenced for execution-style killing of elderly parents

William Roger Campbell sits at his sentencing hearing on March 8, 2023. (Image from Clarksville Now)

A convicted embezzler was sentenced on Wednesday to two consecutive life sentences for the cold-case execution-style killing of his elderly adoptive parents for their $180,000 inheritance and staged it to look like a burglary.

William Roger Campbell, 66, was convicted on Jan. 20 of two counts of first-degree murder in the killings of his adoptive parents, Bill and Ina Campbell, 82 and 81, on Jan. 28, 2010.

“They were very loving and compassionate grandparents,” Shawn Campbell, the defendant’s son, testified during the victim impact statements, reported. “Growing up, life wasn’t always the greatest, but they were always there, always by my side to help me with anything I needed. If I ever needed somebody to talk to, a shoulder to lean on, or anything I needed, they did everything they could to help me as best they could help me. They’d do anything for me.”

“There is nobody walking the face of this earth that will have anything good to say about him (the defendant). He’s been nothing but a plague and just a virus to anyone he has ever been around,” Shawn Campbell said.

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