‘Mansion tax’ for affordable housing, effective meth addiction treatment, flying robot saving plants

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, California promotes affordable housing through a “mansion tax,” new method keeps meth addicts sober, and a flying robot saves endangered plants.

LA aims to promote affordable housing through “mansion tax”

A tax on homes worth more then $5 million is predicted to generate up to $900 million a year. California plans to use this money to build subsidized housing.

Source: Bloomberg

Novel treatment program helps meth addicts stay sober

A new Medi-Cal program employs a now-proven method for keeping stimulant users sober: pay them for negative drug tests.

Source: California Health Care Foundation

New shared-classroom teaching model helps overcome labor shortages

Schools in Mesa, Arizona, piloted a team teaching model to combat declining enrollment and teacher shortages; now the approach is spreading.

Source: Hechinger Report

Biden proposes a rule forcing Federal contractors to disclose Scope 3 emissions

Scope 3 refers to the emissions upstream and downstream of a product after manufacturing, like supply chains and packaging. Now Federal contractors will have to disclose their climate impact.

Source: The Verge

Multiple US states aim to charge companies for producing trash

Companies that produce waste that is toxic or difficult to recycle will have to pay a fee to State governments, a new wave of legislation proposes.

Source: Pew Trusts

Community-owned businesses find success in Philadelphia

The Kensington Corridor Trust is a community-owned real estate entity in Philadelphia that puts real estate under group management. The model has been so successful that it has spread all over the US.

Source: Next City

Canary Islands to start harvesting water from fog

Areas that experience extended dry periods due to climate change may now be able to draw water from fog. In the right conditions, enough moisture is produced to be used in agriculture.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

Fact-finders in Ukraine are tracking down Russian war criminals

Using forensic techniques and testimonies of victims and perpetrators, fact-finders are trying to document and convict war criminals in Ukraine.

Source: The Guardian

Endangered plants can now be rescued via flying robot

Hawaiian and Canadian scientists have teamed up to create a remote-controlled flying robot that can reach remote areas and ‘rescue’ endangered plants.

Source: Monga Bay

Therapeutic homes may simultaneously help mentally ill children and their families

Grand Lake Mental Health opened its first brief stay therapeutic home, designed to treat both kids and their families as one.

Source: Next City

How to tackle food poverty with the tools of a modern start-up

Millions of American families depend on food banks. Dion Dawson come up with a better solution. His non-profit delivers free healthy, nutritious food to families in need. In our new podcast episode, Dion explains how the approach solves multiple problems at once.

Source: Squirrel News

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