Many years with the soldiers’ and reservists’ association

The agenda of the General Assembly of the Arnshausen Soldiers’ and Reservists’ Association could not have been fuller, to which Chairman Georg Wedler welcomed almost forty members and guests to the sports club. As guests, in addition to city councilor Martina Greubel and the club ring chairman Christian Renninger, he welcomed the new district chairman of the reservists’ association (VdRBw), lieutenant colonel Thomas Greim, the district chairman of the Bavarian Soldiers’ Association (BSB), Günther Neundorf, and the regional officer of the Bundeswehr for reservist work, staff sergeant Marco Reischmann, welcome.

One of the five active soldiers of the association, Oberfeldarzt Maximilian Hein, who is currently serving in the German field hospital of the UN mission MINUSMA, sent a greeting from the desert of Mali to the assembly.

In his report, Wedler looked back at club life. The Epiphany meeting was followed by the Kesselfleischessen and the summer festival in the vicarage, another event for the village community. One of the highlights of the association’s calendar was the participation with a large delegation in the peace march of the BSB in Ostheim vd Rhön with church service, parade march through the city, wreath-laying ceremony and ceremony. Finally the family camp near Volkach with rubber boat rides took place again. On All Saints’ Day, together with Mayor Thomas Leiner, a wreath was laid in the cemetery at the memorial for the war dead maintained by the hard-working helpers of the association. At the commemoration on the day of remembrance at the park cemetery, the comradeship not only presented a delegation of flags and the firecracker cannon with a team, but also laid a wreath from the reservists’ association in the presence of Mayor Dirk Vogel. The proud result of the annual collection for the provision of war graves in the amount of 1100 euros was received with much applause.

Since the Arnshausen reservists belong to two associations, the district chairmen of the BSB and VdRBw did not miss the opportunity to honor some comrades for their merits and long-term membership. Wolfgang Kaiser and Gerald Wedler received certificates for ten-year membership in the Reservists’ Association, as did Dirk Schlereth for 25-year membership, Franz Schmitt for 50-year membership and Holger Kraus for 55-year membership.

The Bavarian Soldiers’ Association honored Wolfgang Kaiser for ten years of membership and Roland Greubel for 25 years of membership. Tobias Lutz, Martin Metz, Gerald Wedler, Christian Renninger and Harald Wedler received the Cross of Honor for services to the BSB. A special honor was bestowed on the long-standing 1st Chairman with the award of the Cross of Merit, 1st Class.

Ulrich Feldmann, representative for security policy of the Lower Franconia district group, gave a presentation on the topic “Middle East Crisis Region”. He contrasted the interests of the powers in the region, especially in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen.

Chairman Georg Wedler presented the board’s plans for the new year. In addition to the summer festival and the family tent camp, participation with two teams in the International Kaiserjäger Shooting of the Austrian Armed Forces on the Bergisel in Innsbruck is planned again this year after a long break. Participation in military training, major events of the BSB, the Arnshausen club shooting and on the national day of mourning is also planned.

With the applause of all those present, accompanied by a trumpet solo by the former military musician Jürgen Bauer and a song, Major Thorsten Wedler, an active member of the comradeship, said goodbye to his foreign assignment in Mali. red

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