Marilyn Manson case: Behind Ashley Smithline’s recantation

Marilyn Manson (Photo via Frazer Harrison, Getty Images)

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One of Marilyn Manson’s accusers has recanted her sexual abuse allegations against him, and her sudden reversal has raised a number of questions — including about the shock rocker’s attorney.

Named in court papers by his birth name Brian Warner, Manson has been in the middle of an aggressive counteroffensive against women accusing him of sexual misconduct. The saga started when his ex-girlfriend, actress Evan Rachel Wood, accused him of rape, physical abuse and cult-like behavior. Now, another ex-girlfriend, Ashley Smithline, suddenly reversed her claims and asserted Wood “manipulated” her, but her sworn declaration won’t be let into Warner’s lawsuit against Wood.

“A professional decider”

On this week’s episode of Law&Crime’s podcast “Objections: with Adam Klasfeld,” Los Angeles-based and Hollywood-focused lawyer Jonathan Handel hashes out the latest developments.

“Not all accusers tell the truth, but not all accused tell the truth, either,” Handel noted.

Wood claims Warner groomed her when she was a teenager, sexually assaulted her during the taping of the music video “Heart Shaped Glasses,” branded her with an ‘M’ carved out near her genitals — and generally turned a star-struck and creative girl into a drugged out and broken woman. The “Thirteen” actress organized other women who claim to be Warner’s survivors, documented their experiences in the HBO documentary “Phoenix Rising,” and successfully advocated to prolong the statute of limitations in sexual abuse cases in California.

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