Married at First Sight Season 12 Where are they Now?

Married at First Sight Season 12

Married at First Sight is a reality TV show that originated in Denmark and was adapted for American audiences on FYI in 2014. The twelfth season of the show takes place in Atlanta and premiered on January 13, 2021, marking the first time a divorced candidate was featured.

Although the season originally aired on Lifetime in 2021, it was added to Netflix on February 24, 2023, and has attracted both new and returning viewers. The show’s format has been sold to TV networks worldwide, making it a global hit.

Married at First Sight Season 12 Where are they Now

Married at First Sight Season 12 aired over a year ago, and fans may be curious about where the cast is now. While it’s rare for couples to stay together after the show, there have been 14 marriages that have lasted so far. One of those is from season 12 in Atlanta, which provided fans with plenty of drama that still lingers today.

Erik Lake

Erik and Virginia chose to stay together on the day of their appearance on a reality show, but ultimately decided to divorce after attempting to work through their issues. Erik continues to work as a pilot and makes lighthearted posts on his Instagram about his time on the show. He has kept his romantic relationships private, but many of his followers express interest in becoming his next partner.

Virginia Coombs

Virginia’s free-spirited nature, which was evident during her appearance on a reality show, has remained with her post-divorce. She now focuses on her mental health, spends time with her friends and her dog, Rockie. She has a close relationship with Haley and Clara, with whom she recently made a playful TikTok about creating a joint Bumble account. It seems that both Virginia and Clara are still single after their divorces. Virginia also travels, attends events, and promotes products on her Instagram account.

Ryan Oubre

Ryan and Clara decided to stay married on decision day of the reality show, but ultimately filed for divorce shortly after due to ongoing issues. In a statement posted on his Instagram, Ryan suggested that their different races caused deeper misunderstandings in their relationship, which played a significant role in the breakup. Virginia responded to his statement in a video on her Instagram story. Ryan is now focused on his personal health and works as a trainer at a CrossFit gym in Atlanta.

Clara Berghaus

Clara and Ryan faced issues on the show related to a lack of intimacy, but Ryan’s post suggested that deeper problems contributed to their breakup. Clara, however, expressed her eagerness to move on from that chapter of her life in a statement to US Weekly. She celebrated the end of her marriage with Ryan on TikTok and has continued her career as a flight attendant, traveling with her close friends, including some of her co-stars from MAFS season 12.

Haley Harris

Haley and Jacob decided not to stay married on decision day of the reality show. Although she did not find a husband, Haley gained several close friends among the other wives from the season. Like many MAFS alumni, she travels extensively and documents her experiences on her Instagram, visiting places such as Monaco, Portugal, and Colombia. However, she still receives negative comments from MAFS fans regarding her behavior on the show.

Jacob Harder

Haley and Jacob’s marriage was plagued by their age difference, personality clashes, and lack of intimacy. However, they both moved on after the show, with Jacob still being his quirky self and finding a potential match in a woman from Atlanta. He is currently single, but has plans to move into a new house and enjoys spending time with his two beloved corgis, as seen on his Instagram.

Vincent Morales

Vincent and Briana are the only MAFS Season 12 couple who are still happily married and a fan favorite. Vincent believes that the experiment works and is enjoying life with Briana, often attending events and traveling. The couple shares their married life on their joint YouTube channel and is quite active on Instagram.

Briana Myles

Briana and Vincent, the only couple from MAFS season 12 still married, are expecting their first child together. Briana is thrilled to see Vincent become a father, and the couple frequently shares their lives on Instagram and YouTube. Briana also stays connected to MAFS and her former castmates, returning to host Most Memorable Moments for season 13 with fellow alum Beth from season 9.

Paige Banks

Paige’s short-lived marriage with Chris on MAFS was chaotic, but since their official separation, she’s been dating new men and has no hard feelings towards the show. She continues to return to MAFS, recently hosting an empowerment conference with fellow Season 12 wives. Additionally, she’s working on a book about self-healing and faith, set to release later this year.

Chris Williams

Despite his ex-wife’s silence, fans continue to speculate about Chris’s life after his tumultuous appearance on MAFS. While his Instagram is now private, his 35,000 followers still get occasional glimpses of the drama he continues to generate. Despite announcing her miscarriage, Chris and his ex Mercedes were seen vacationing together, although their relationship status is currently unknown.

Married At First Sight Season 12 Couples




Haley Harris 28 Account Executive
Jacob Harter 38 Senior IT Analyst
Paige Banks 25 Accountant
Chris Williams 27 Finance Manager & Entrepreneur
Briana Myles 28 Engineer
Vincent Morales 28 Auto Broker
Clara Berghaus 27 Flight Attendant
Ryan Oubré 29 Project Manager
Virginia Coombs 26 Account Coordinator
Erik Lake 33 Pilot

Which Married at First Sight Season 12 Couples are Still Together?

Out of the five couples featured in Married at First Sight season 12, only three decided to stay together for the finale. Unfortunately, only one couple remains together in 2023. Vincent Morales and Briana Miles are the only couple from the season who are still happily married. They have been going strong since the show aired and have some exciting updates in their relationship.

The other two couples, Ryan Oubre and Clara Berghaus, as well as Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake, did not make it in the long run. Haley Harris and Jacob Harter, as well as Paige Banks and Chris Williams, also got divorced after the show.

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