Marvel May Have Solved The MCU’s Scarlet Witch Problem … With Loki?

In “Scarlet Witch,” by Steve Orlando, Lorenzo Tammetta, Sara Pichelli, Frank William, and VC’s Cory Petit, Wanda Maximoff operates the Emporium, a magic shop in New York City run alongside her close friend Darcy Lewis. The store offers remedies, spells, and more magical assistance to those looking for answers in the otherworldly. The most important part of the Emporium is the Last Door, a magical doorway that brings those who need help directly to Scarlet Witch. So far, she’s helped Viv Vision and even villains such as Bookworm with problems her powers and knowledge are specifically able to deal with. Wanda has provided as much aid as possible, regardless of who has come through.

In “Scarlet Witch” #8, the Last Door ends up bringing a mountain giant named Arkin to the Emporium. Wanda and Darcy inquire if he’s after revenge on Loki for becoming the ruler of Jotunheim and robbing him of his birthright as a representative of what’s left of his people. Scarlet Witch consents to help Arkin, agreeing he has been wronged by the Trickster God. She tells the giant she will help him “if only to see the look on Loki’s face.” 

Wanda (and her father’s clone Joseph) travel to Jotunheim to confront Loki, leading to a poignant meet-up between Scarlet Witch and the recently crowned king. The surprise get-together leads Scarlet Witch to cast a spell to get Loki to be honest, leading to a heartbreaking back-and-forth between the two fan-favorite characters.

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