“Massimo” – Another dog stolen in Stuttgart – Stuttgart Journal

“Massimo” – Another dog stolen in Stuttgart – Stuttgart Journal

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The owner tied him up in front of a grocery store in Stuttgart’s Rot district

The incident happened on Tuesday in Sontheimer Strasse. The dog was later sighted in Ludwigsburg.

By Alexander Kappen

Stuttgart Red. About a year ago, the dog of a Trott-War seller disappeared in the Klett-Passage. All media used a photo of the reporter writing here for reporting. Now the dog theft has happened again.

The dog’s leash was cut in front of a supermarket in Stuttgart-Rot. Witnesses saw a man riding a bicycle with the dog.

The owner launched an appeal on the Internet for her one-year-old, black-haired darling “Massimo”. A witness reported from Ludwigsburg. That’s where he saw the dog.

Update: On Friday at 2 p.m., the owner reports Nina B. In a Facebook group: A man who has “Massimo” at home reported. The police will clarify everything else there. We went there and it really was Massimo. He is back home now and doing well!”

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