Masterchef Season 10 Where are they now? What are they doing?

Masterchef Season 10 Where are they now?

If you’re looking for Masterchef season 10 where are they now, you’re landed on the right page we will discuss what happened to the contestants of Masterchef season 10 in this article. American competitive reality television series MasterChef’s tenth season debuted on Fox on May 29 and ended on September 18, 2019. As judges, Joe Bastianich, Aaron Sanchez, and Gordon Ramsay all made a comeback. Creeler Dorian Hunter took the top spot for the season, followed by former Army investigator Sarah Faherty in second and college student Nicholas DiGiovanni in third.

Masterchef Season 10 Contestants

There are 20 contestants participated in the Masterchef Season 10 and they are:

Contestant Profession Hometown
Dorian Hunter Creeler Cartersville, Georgia
Sarah Faherty Former Army Interrogator San Diego, CA
Nick DiGiovanni   College Student     Barrington RI
Noah Sims Septic Service Technician Epworth, Georgia
Shari Mukherjee  Home Maker Rochester, Minnesota
Subha Ramiah R&D Director West Nyack, NY
Micah Yaroch    Kitchen Porter Grand Rapids, MI
Brielle Baker Cocktail Server Dallas, TX
Jamie Hough Fisherman Pawle Island, SC
Fred Chang Revenue Analyst Redondo Beach, CA
Wuta Onda Teacher Bronx, NY
Renee Rice Receptionist Ada, Oklahoma
Samuel Haaz Attorney Philadelphia, PA
Keturah King Freelance Writer London, England
Elizabeth Linn Events Consultant Durand, MI
Michael Silverstein Real Estate Flipper Pittsburgh, PA
Evan Tesiny Sales Coordinator Brooklyn, NY
Kimberly White   Shoe Designer New York City, NY
Deanna Colon Vocal Coach Deanna Colon
Kenneth Palazzolo Carpenter Boston, MA

What happened to Masterchef Season 10 Contestants?


The winner of Season 10 of MasterChef was Dorian. She was an underdog compared to some of the other competitors because she was originally from Georgia and worked as a creeler. The MasterChef judges praised her winning dinner, which included scallops, lemon blueberry tart, and short rib, for being so expertly prepared. She is currently working on her cookbook while receiving instruction at the restaurants of the chef judges. Hunter intends to start her own restaurant in the future.


Sarah finished second in the tenth season of MasterChef. Faherty had one of the most unusual careers of any MasterChef US contestant—he was a former army interrogator from California. She now broadcasts a podcast called “Daily Food & Wine” that discusses food and beverages. In addition to that, she hosts IGTV.


Nick chose to take part in the cookery reality show while he was still a college student. Due to a dish of overcooked fish, he made it to the season finale but placed third. Joe Bastianich is currently Nick’s mentor.


In the 23rd episode of the competition, Noah was eliminated due to his undercooked risotto. As of 2022, Noah works as the director of operations at the Shamrock Septic Service instead of continuing down the road of becoming a chef


Shari was a Rochester, Minnesota, housewife. In addition to having overcooked food provided by her team and having a difficult time with a scallop dish, she was eliminated in the episode 22. She started writing about food on Spice.


In New York, Subha held a position as director of R&D. In the 22nd episode, the judges eliminated him because they thought his dish of langoustines was uncooked and his duck was overcooked. Ramiah began working for Babylon Health as the senior director after the episode. It’s wonderful to learn that he also ran numerous fundraising efforts for Covid Relief for India.


At a restaurant in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Micah was a kitchen porter. Micah was fired from the 21st episode for serving lamb and sea bass that were overcooked. After the episode, when Micah was in danger of being evicted, fans stepped in and gave him $16,000 through a GoFundMe website that Micah set up. Since September 2020, he has been employed at Field & Fire as a baker.


Bri was serving cocktails in Dallas prior to competing on Masterchef. She was unfortunate to be eliminated in the 20th episode for giving the judges salmon that was still uncooked. Following her departure from the programme, Baker launched her own company, The Plating Queen, specialising in food styling and photography.


A fisherman from South Carolina, Jamie. His elimination from the competition was caused by the judges’ disapproval of his sausage dish in episode 19. Since that time, Jamie has returned to fishing, but he now provides his talents as a private chef.


When Fred participated in the reality series, he was a novice cook. He had been employed in Redondo Beach as a revenue analyst before to attempting his luck on Masterchef. After the judges consumed the raw meat he presented, he was eliminated. Chang was a popular participant during his race, and Gordon even assisted him in landing a position at the Hotel Maya in Long Beach, California. He is currently a revenue manager there and has started a culinary blog. His title at Ensemble Real Estate Solutions is Area Director of Revenue Management.


Due to the excessive amount of sugar in his macarons, Wuta was disqualified by the judges in the fifteenth episode. He returned to his prior position of teaching English in the Bronx after the tenth season of MasterChef. It’s wonderful that Wuta can return to teaching because it seems like he always saw it as a calling.


Renee was eliminated from the competition by the judges in the MasterChef season 10 episode 14 because her cheesecake foundation kept crumbling. She later went on to start a catering business and become a full-time baker.


Before he started on the cookery reality show, Sam worked as a lawyer. Unfortunately, he struggled to win over the judges and was ousted in the thirteenth show because of the overdone snapper. Sam went back to working as a solicitor full-time after MasterChef.


Before joining the MasterChef season 10 cast, Keturah worked as a freelancer in London. Her poorly sliced steak and lacklustre salad contributed to her elimination in the eleventh show. Since then, she has expanded into TV production and hosting.


In the past, Liz was employed in Durand, Michigan, as an events consultant. On the eighth episode, she was fired for serving raw fish, raw dough, and undercooked meatballs. She has been a private chef ever then, and she also provides cuisine for private boat occasions.


After being paired with Liz in the ninth episode, Michael was eliminated. Their undercooked food was a result of their poor communication. Michael worked as a realtor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, prior to the show. He is currently developing dishes for the keto diet and has even launched his own YouTube channel.


Before getting the chance to appear on the show, Eva was a sales coordinator in Brooklyn. His voyage was, however, rather brief because he was eliminated in the seventh episode. Evan Tesiny is now a resident manager at XOCO. He had held a position as a private chef prior to starting this one.


Kimberly previously held a position as a shoe designer in New York City. Unfortunately, her poorly prepared mushroom sauce caused her to be removed in the fifth episode of the show. The judges were so repulsed by it that they even made a cottage cheese comparison. After leaving, White returned to her previous profession and is now a design director at Camuto Group.


The judges rejected Kenny’s scallop and mushroom dish, even labelling it “ugly,” ending his journey. He worked as a carpenter in Boston prior to starting the show, and he now works as a YouTuber. Live, Laugh, and Cook Italian is the name of Palazzolo’s YouTube channel.


Before competing in MasterChef season 10 as a contestant, Deanna worked as a vocal coach. California’s Simi Valley is where she was born. Colon left the programme quite soon. The judges made the decision to dismiss her when she presented a scallop dish that had an odd flavour combination. Colon returned to her previous job in singing and voice teaching after the reality show.

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