‘May everything you wish for me be sent back to you’ – Sarah Martins responds to criticism of Yul’s son’s death

Sarah Martins, a Nollywood actress and friend of Judy Austin, has spoken out in the face of the harsh criticism surrounding the death of Yul Edochie’s son Kambilinachukwu.

It’s no secret that Judy Austin and Sarah Martins have been the target of heinous allegations from online users following the death of the 16-year-old boy.

In response to the heat, the actress cursed and insulted everyone who had called her to mourn May Edochie’s son.

According to Sarah Martins, all their harsh words will backfire on them a thousandfold because they don’t know when to sympathize and when to troll.

She wrote:

“Let people mourn and heal in peace. To everyone who curses and insults me on this site for showing empathy to the bereaved, may the nemesis infest your household!

As you all don’t know when to troll and when to sympathize, when to play and when to be serious, when to swear and when to allow people to heal…. May everything you wish for people be sent back to you a thousandfold!”

Sarah Martins is responding to Judy Austin’s claims of welcoming a second child with Yul Edochie

Sarah Martins responds to claims about her arrest Judy Austin Welcoming the second child with Yul Edochie

Filmmaker and actress Sarah Martins has broken her silence as she claims she has been arrested and her best friend Judy Austin is welcoming a second child with Yul Edochie.

Rumors of Judy Austin and Yul Edochie welcoming a baby girl are making the rounds online, with social media users keen to know the truth.

However, Sarah Martins, who is very close to Judy Austin, left a comment below an IG user’s remark who made the innuendo.

The IG user identified as @sizar.litany wrote:

“I hear say your juju done born girl you can’t congratulate?”

Also, another IG user identified as @ebigirl1 wrote below a comment:

“Person we hear is sending Kirikiri.

In response to the comment, Sarah Martins fired back at the user.

She wrote:

“Well, your Olodo papa, go Kirikiri… To all who wish evil to people who have done absolutely nothing, you will die a miserable death, as you have sworn not to stay on your limit.”

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