Mayachin Shrine Walkthrough, Guide, Wiki, and Gameplay

Mayachin Shrine Walkthrough


  • Explore the Mayachin Shrine, a puzzle-filled location in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, where players won’t encounter any enemies.

  • Utilize your strategic thinking and Link’s abilities to overcome the challenges within the shrine.

  • Start by climbing onto the rotating platform near the entrance and use it to cross over to the other side of a gap.

  • Step onto the glowing floor tile with a circular design, triggering a spinning target in the back left-hand corner of the chamber.

To complete the Mayachin Shrine, follow these steps

  • Propel the large stone ball into the spinning target, which is simpler than it initially seems.

  • Descend the nearby steps and remove the green stake from the ground using Link’s Ultrahand ability.

  • Insert the stake into the octagonal side of a nearby device and attach one of the white cylinders to its end.

Now, proceed as follows

  • Return to the raised platform near the floor tile and strike the glowing orange pillar to the right using one of Link’s melee weapons.

  • This action causes the device beneath you to spin rapidly in an anti-clockwise direction, enabling you to launch the ball up the ramp and into the target.

  • Aim to hit the pillar just before the ball reaches the device, using the final white floor tile as a reference point. If you miss, reset the pillar and try again until you achieve the correct timing.

Before entering the statue room, don’t forget these steps

  • Redirect your attention to the lower area and use Ultrahand to move the stake located behind a hanging structure on the right.

  • Activate the pillar controlling the spinning device, turning it green, and wait for the ball to pass the final white tile on the ground.

  • Once the ball crosses the tile, strike the pillar again, causing the ball to collide with the hanging structure.

To unlock a hidden chamber, continue with the following

  • While the structure is still in motion, reset the pillar quickly and launch another ball, aiming to hit the target behind the hanging structure.

  • If successful, this action will open up another chamber opposite the entrance to the statue room, where you’ll find a chest containing an Energizing Elixir.

  • Open the chest, and then proceed to the statue room to acquire another Light of Blessing.

Mayachin Shrine Guide

Mayachin Shrine Guide: Solving the Puzzle in Tears of the Kingdom

  • Upon entering the shrine, you’ll notice a large ball rolling down an incline. There are also logs and a Zonai Stake present in the room.

  • Utilize the Zonai Stake to fashion a makeshift bat. Place the stake horizontally into the actuator’s face and attach a pole to the end, creating a bat-like structure.

  • Return to the crystal and switch located at the top of the stairs.

  • Wait for the ball to reach the second-to-last white tile, then strike the crystal.

  • Practice hitting the crystal and adjust your timing until the ball successfully hits the target. This action will reveal a target on the right side of the room and open the shrine’s exit on your left.

Additional Tips for Solving the Mayachin Shrine Puzzle

  • Take advantage of the Ultrahand ability to pick up and move objects within the room. This can be useful for achieving a better angle on the ball or the target.

  • Utilize the Magnesis Rune to manipulate metal objects in the room. This can assist in creating a path for the ball to roll down.

  • If you’re experiencing difficulty hitting the target, consider using a stronger weapon. A more powerful weapon will provide additional force to your swing, increasing the likelihood of hitting the target.

Mayachin Shrine Gameplay

Welcome to the heart-pumping Mayachin Shrine, nestled in the Tabantha region near the majestic Hebra Mountains. Brace yourself for an ultimate test of strength and wit as you dive into this exhilarating puzzle-filled adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.

Picture this: a colossa¬†ball zooming down an incline, your mission being to strike a distant target on the opposite side of the room. But wait, there’s a twist! To accomplish this feat, you must craft your very own improvised bat. Grab hold of a trusty Zonai Stake and cleverly attach a pole to fashion your weapon of choice. Are you ready to swing into action?

But that’s not all! The excitement continues as you take aim at the crystal adorning the wall. A single hit sets the ball rolling down the slope, and now the real challenge begins. Timing is everything as you skillfully swing your bat to connect with the ball and send it hurtling toward its target.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Fear not, brave adventurer! If you find yourself struggling to hit the mark, why not equip yourself with a mighty weapon? With increased power behind your swing, victory will be within your grasp. And don’t forget about your handy Ultrahand, capable of picking up and manipulating objects in the room. It might just provide you with that perfect angle you’ve been seeking.

Now, imagine the exhilaration when the ball successfully smashes into the target! Like magic, a door flings open on the other side of the room, beckoning you towards the glorious finale. With determination in your heart and a spring in your step, stride through that door and conquer the rest of the shrine like a true champion!

Mayachin Shrine Wiki

The Mayachin Shrine, located within the Exchange Ruins just north of the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower, is a Shrine of Light featured in Tears of the Kingdom. It presents players with a puzzle to solve in order to progress further. Entering the shrine involves climbing up the ruins and then descending into the central hole. Once inside, players will find themselves in a spacious room where a large ball rolls down an incline. Various elements such as logs and a Zonai Stake are scattered within the room.

To tackle the puzzle, players must employ the Zonai Stake to craft a makeshift bat. This is achieved by placing the stake horizontally into the actuator’s face and attaching a pole to its end, resembling a bat-like structure. With the bat ready, the next step is to strike the crystal mounted on the wall. Striking the crystal triggers the ball to roll down the incline. The challenge lies in timing the swing correctly to ensure that the ball connects with the target.

If players encounter difficulties hitting the target, they can experiment with employing a stronger weapon. A more powerful weapon imparts additional force to their swing, increasing the chances of hitting the target. Additionally, players have access to the Ultrahand, which enables them to manipulate and relocate objects within the room. This can prove advantageous for obtaining a more favorable angle toward the ball or the target.

Successfully hitting the target results in the opening of a door located on the opposite side of the room. Players can then progress through this door, reaching the conclusion of the shrine. Within the shrine, players will discover a chest containing an Energizing Elixir, rewarding their perseverance and skill. While the Mayachin Shrine poses a challenge, patience and resourcefulness are key to solving its puzzle and overcoming the obstacles it presents.

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