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KARACHI: What happens when celebrities venture into starting businesses not related to their field? If MbyMahira is anything to go by, it has caused quite the divide on social media. Mahira Khan recently launched her clothing line which she describes as, “Crafting conscious and minimalist wardrobes, one timeless piece at a time.” However, between the designs and hefty price tags attached to her pieces, not everyone is amused by the business venture.

The clothing line was launched on February 12th and the philosophy behind the brand is described as, “timeless pieces that you’ll buy now, but love forever.” A note from the founder herself explained, “For as long as I can remember, I feel most like myself in simple white kurtas. I could wear them everyday, forever. I hope these pieces do the same for you, because there isn’t a lovelier feeling than feeling like you.”

Mahira Khan wasn’t joking when she said MbyMahira was minimalistic. All of the products are white, with sparse detailing on the sleeves or neckline. Other articles include plain white kurtas that are oversized and are mardana (menswear) in their cuts. But it’s not the designs everyone is talking about, it’s the price tag attached to the clothes that has left jaws dropping. A cotton kurta alone costs almost Rs.13,000 which would have made sense if the amount of embroidery matches up to the hefty price tag, a simple, silk mardana suit priced at almost Rs.25,000 also raised eyebrows as did the scalloped bottom priced at over Rs.6000.

Many took to social media to voice their opinions about MbyMahira. Some pointed out that the only people who seemed to be wearing the brand were the people who got them for free.

Many took digs at the pricing.

Some took the prices as a challenge to prove just how overpriced the brand is:

However, not everyone was upset about the prices and explained how MbyMahira is a celebrity brand and is not the first one to be expensive:

Would you order from MbyMahira?

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