Mc Guimê takes a drastic attitude towards Lexa after separation. Understand!

Mc Guimê decided to take action in relation to Lexa after their separation. The singers are no longer together since the funkeiro controversy on ‘BBB 23’.

MC Guimê takes drastic action with Lexa after separation.

MC Guimê takes drastic action with Lexa after separation.

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The controversial episode of sexual harassment by MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato to Dania Mendez on “BBB 23” reflected on the funk singer’s marriage to Lexa. After a conversation with her then husband, the singer decided to separate and has been counting on the support of famous friends to go through the difficult phase. On the other hand, the singer tries to recover from the controversy in his personal life and in his career.

This Thursday (30), MC Guimê did a real “clean” on his social networks. The artist deleted almost all of his Instagram photos, leaving only three records of him in reality. The photos with Lexa were also deleted.

Guimê’s profile picture was also changed to an emoji of a wounded heart. “Whenever God wants to make a big man, He breaks him to pieces first”, wrote the singer in his last published Story.

MC Guimê details relationship with Lexa after “BBB 23”

In a conversation with followers, MC Guimê explained that he is giving Lexa the necessary time after everything happened. The singer also expressed the desire to resume the marriage.

“Lexa didn’t let go of my hand at that very complete moment, even though I was wrong with her. She listened to what I had to say and gave me a lot of strength and courage for me to deal with the consequences of my own mistakes”, said the funk singer.

“Now, she is in her time. I continue to seek forgiveness and am very grateful for everything she has already done for us, not only while I was at the BBB’s house, but for everything so far”, he concluded.

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