Media and Marketing #159: Fabiola Menezes, from Mondelez – 04/03/2023

Stimulating consumption on different occasions, with different formats and prices, is Lacta’s main recipe for increasing the amount of chocolate that Brazilians eat per year.

But what are the company’s strategies for this? This week’s Media and Marketing program talks to Fabiola Menezes, senior marketing director for chocolates at Mondelez – watch the interview, in full, in the video above.

The executive, who handles communication for brands such as Lacta, Diamante Negro, Laka, Shot, Bis, Sonho de Valsa, Ouro Branco and Milka, also talks about the growth in sales via e-commerce and tells about the brand’s news for Easter this year.

“Consumers always want something new, whether in size, flavor, toy. The combination of formats and flavors has to fit in everyone’s pocket”, says the executive.

Currently, online sales account for around 7% of revenue. The company’s expectation is that, soon, that number will reach 20%.

“People learned and discovered that chocolate arrives very well accommodated also in purchases via e-commerce. In 2022, our online store doubled in relation to 2021. The expectation is that it will triple in relation to 2022”, he says (from 3:22).

“Innovation is fundamental for the company’s growth. Almost half of our growth comes from innovations. We have to have options in flavors, formats and prices as well. We have to be always accessible”, he declares. (from 10:44).

And is it easier to advertise chocolates? For the executive, yes: but this also requires great responsibility. “Consumers are very receptive and we need to use this responsibly: nurturing true relationships and stimulating affective bonds, for example”, he says. (from 24:54).

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