Meditation apps to help you de-stress and relax

Founded by brothers Christopher and Nicho Plowman, InsightTimer combines five wellness apps into one focused on meditation, sleep, breathwork, yoga and contemplation. The meditation area offers a wealth of guided meditations led by respected psychologists and teachers. In the sleeping area, users can play sleep-inducing music and classic picture books to help them fall asleep. Breathwork trains you on how to master different breathing techniques taught by certified teachers. In the meantime, Yoga invites you to join live classes, create music playlists, and learn yoga practices aimed at improving your sleep. Finally, Contemplation allows users to record their progress in journal form, fill out mood questionnaires, and even search for inspirational quotes to lift their spirits.

InsightTimer claims to have 24 million users and prides itself on sharing numerous content for free with few users paying for their content. It was clear to the app’s co-founders that the desire for profit was not a primary consideration when they launched the app. “We’re not offering anything in exchange — we don’t want to have subscribers on our platform who don’t want to be subscribers,” Plowman explained in an interview with the TechFirst podcast. However, there is a premium plan where users can enjoy a seven-day free trial to explore. After that, the subscription costs either $9.99 per month or $59.99 per year.

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