Men beat guests with baseball bats

Several people were attacked and injured in front of a bar on Karl-Marx-Platz. The cause of the dispute is said to have been the running engine of a car.

Emergency services on Saturday evening at Karl-Marx-Platz

Emergency services on Saturday evening at Karl-Marx-PlatzMorris Pudwell

In front of a bar in Berlin-Neukölln there was an argument on Sunday night, in which several guests were injured. According to the police, the dispute began around 11:30 p.m. because two women were waiting in a car with the engine running in front of the bar on Karl-Marx-Platz. Guests felt disturbed by the noise and exhaust fumes.

They asked the driver to park the vehicle nearby. But the woman did not comply with the request. Instead, a short time later, another car stopped in front of the bar, from which several people suddenly got out and hit guests in front of the bar. At least one attacker is said to have attacked the victims with a baseball bat, a police spokesman said. The attackers then fled in their car.

Four men between the ages of 58 and 61 suffered head injuries. Three of them had to be taken to a hospital by alarmed rescue workers. The police are now looking for the two cars that were parked in front of the restaurant. Witnesses wrote down the identifiers and passed them on to the investigators. A first search was unsuccessful late in the evening. The police are now investigating on suspicion of dangerous bodily harm.

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