Mental health recovery for police, upcycled clothing line, and peer recovery for addiction treatment


Today on Squirrel News, police officers recover from mental health costs, Swedish companies collaborated to release an upcycled clothing line, and studies show the value of peer recovery for addicts.

Police combat addiction and mental health costs in this recovery center

Public safety is a profession plagued by mental health and addiction problems. Harbor of Grace in Maryland is one of only six treatment centers in the country dedicated to helping police, firefighters, and EMTs — and it can’t keep up with demand.

Source: KHN

Upcycled clothing line promotes sustainable fashion

A Swedish home appliance company and a fashion design brand have collaborated on a fashon line made from upcycled clothing. Upcycling is a sustainable fashion solution where garments are made from reused and processed discarded clothing.

Source: Inhabitat

Studies indicate that peer recovery is important factor in recovering from addiction

Peers — people who have beaten addiction — are a secret weapon for recovery. But they are usually underused, underpaid, and poorly supervised.

Source: 100 Days in Appalachia

Indiana students learn new skills with European-style apprenticeships

In Germany and Switzerland, students get paid to train for jobs in the IT, medical, business, manufacturing, and other fields. Now those programs have come to high schools and community colleges in Indianapolis.

Source: The 74 million

The Supreme Court of India rules that all women have the right to abortion

India’s Supreme Court has ruled that all women, regardless of marital status, can choose to have an abortion up to 24 weeks into a pregnancy.

Source: Al Jazeera

Freshwater microalgae may be potential source of biofuel

The biomass produced by microalgae might be a substitute for petroleum as a fuel source. This would help reduce greenhouse gasses and save money as biomass fuel would be compatible with most petroleum-based machinery.

Source: Inhabitat

German study pinpoints new methods to promote bee diversity and health

By combining hedges and flower fields, German researchers have identified several ways to help bee populations flourish. This method could be implemented even in suburban green areas.

Source: Treehugger

Techniques to limit bird deaths from skyscrapers

The combination of reflective glass and light pollution has significantly contributed to avian deaths in urban areas. Here are some methods that can help protect birds in our cities.

Source: Inhabitat

How to utilize land for both agriculture and energy production

As land use intensifies, businesses and governments are often forced to make the tradeoff between food and energy production. Agrivoltaics offers to combine the two.

Source: Energy Monitor

Innovative, touchable label as a replacement for best before dates

A new solution for inexact best before dates comes in the form of a touchable plant-based gel that a customer can use to “feel” the freshness of the product.

Source: positive news

The deputy chief who revamped Mumbai’s Ahmedabad Railway Station

With an overhauled waste management system, solar energy panels, and even a forest on the station premises, Fedrick Pariath has transformed Mumbai’s Ahmedabad Railway Station.

Source: The Better India

Evidence of the Harpy eagle’s return is proof that rewilding efforts may be successful

The appearance of the Harpy eagle in the central American country of Costa Rica is an indicator for local authorities to ramp up already successful rewilding initiatives.

Source: Monga Bay

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