Mercy Johnson Puzzles Over the Challenging Concept of Her Father’s Demise |

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson Okojie recently expressed her deep emotions in a heartfelt message dedicated to her late father, Ametuo Daniel Johnson.

In her note, the mother of four pondered the puzzling sequence of events leading up to her father’s passing. She questioned how he could wake up on a beautiful day, read his Bible, choose an outfit, and then suddenly lay down, never to rise again.
Mercy Johnson revealed that coming to terms with the reality of her father’s demise has proven to be an incredibly challenging task. Despite her efforts to put her feelings into words, she confessed that the thought of never seeing her father again remains difficult to process.
Acknowledging her grief, Mercy Johnson found solace in the fact that her father was a devout man who held a deep love for God. Knowing this provides some consolation amidst the overwhelming sense of loss she experiences.
“How does one wake up pick an outfit, read the bible lay down, and pass on? I can’t understand it”.
“The very reality of your demise is difficult to grasp. Even as I pen these words down, I am unable to process the thought of never seeing you again. I still feel like it is all a dream to wake up from but alas I am not sure of what to believe anymore. That you are forever gone is hard to accept.
Nothing consoles me more knowing that you were a man who loved God so much and will surely be in His abode. As I wallow in the pain of your painful transit, I leave all to our Father in Heaven in whose hands lies all answers.
Adieu Papa, you are sorely missed here. Continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord Almighty until we meet to part no more”.


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