Messages on Mauro Cid’s cell phone show cash orders for Michelle Bolsonaro, says website

Conversations found by the Federal Police reveal how requests for withdrawals and payments were made at the request of the former first lady

First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro and President Jair Bolsonaro at the Palacio do Planalto, in 2019

First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro and President Jair Bolsonaro at the Palacio do Planalto, in 2019

Photo: Wilton Junior/Estadão / Estadão

The conversations found by the Federal Police (PF) on the cell phone of Lieutenant Colonel Mauro Cid, former assistant to Jair Bolsonaro, reveal the modus operandi regarding the solicitation of cash withdrawals and payments intended to meet the needs of then First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro.

As determined by UOL, the messages were sent to Mauro Cid by 2 advisors to the then First Lady, Cintia Nogueira and Giselle Carneiro. In conversation, they often referred to Michelle as “lady” or by the acronym “PD”.

According to the messages obtained and transcribed by the investigators with court authorization, the advisors were responsible for providing bank account information for making deposits on behalf of third parties. In addition, they relayed Michelle’s requests for cash withdrawals and also made requests for cash deposits to her account.

understand the investigation

After determination by the Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Alexandre de Moraes, the telematic secrecy of Lieutenant Colonel Mauro Cid was broken, allowing access to his messages.

The conversations, stored in the cloud on his mobile device, were analyzed as part of the investigation. Faced with suspicions of embezzlement of public funds, Moraes also authorized the breach of bank secrecy for Cid and other employees of the Planalto Palace.

During the initial analysis of the conversations, the PF discovered a set of 13 deposit slips in cash made by Mauro Cid on Michelle Bolsonaro’s account, totaling R$ 21,500, from March to August 2021.

The PF also identified the existence of 10 requests for cash withdrawals made by Michelle Bolsonaro’s advisors to Mauro Cid, in the period between March and October 2021. The total value of these withdrawals is close to R$ 5,600.

Now, the investigation is focused on analyzing bank secrecy breaches to identify possible transactions that occurred between 2019 and 2022, covering the entire period of Jair Bolsonaro’s management.


In the analyzed conversations, Michelle’s advisors are responsible for requesting and authorizing payments related to services provided to her, such as a seamstress, podiatrist and even a veterinarian.

In addition, requests for monthly deposits are also made for Rosimary Carneiro, who was the holder of the credit card used by the then First Lady, as well as for Michelle’s family members.

Below are the messages obtained and transcribed by the PF between Mauro Cid and Michelle Bolsonaro’s advisors, Giselle Carneiro and Cíntia Nogueira.

Cid’s messages are highlighted in white, while those from the advisors are highlighted in green. The spelling of the messages was maintained according to the transcription performed.

Photo: Reproduction: UOL

What does the defense say?

The defense of the former president and former first lady maintains that Michelle Bolsonaro’s expenses were paid through funds from Jair Bolsonaro’s personal account.

They deny any allegation of misappropriation of public funds, which is one of the main focuses of the investigation conducted by the PF.

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