Messi, legal entity – 07/05/2023

Messi is a reference.

Every once in a while, someone implies that they are autistic.

No, he is not on the spectrum.

As much as his early life and career characteristics are discussed, he is one of the biggest stars on the planet, in all aspects. Sport reaches the world and this interferes in political relations.

Apologizing after going to Saudi Arabia for a training period, saying you didn’t understand that it wasn’t a day off, means you don’t understand anything.

Or that he’s getting it all figured out, worried about who will pay him the most in the next contract.

Or to advertise tourism in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar had broken diplomatic relations in 2017 and 2021. They remain difficult.

Paris Saint-Germain is a Qatari club based in France.

This week, it was learned that Messi will not remain at PSG and that he is visiting Saudi Arabia during a training period. He returns apologizing. Has Messi ever missed training at Barcelona? Or at PSG before announcing that he will not remain?.

Is Messi not understanding anything or is he understanding everything?

In the near future, the greatest player of the 21st century could play for Manchester City, Barcelona, ​​or Saudi Arabia.

His departure from PSG will represent the end of this period of the PSG project.

Messi signals a break with Qatar and openness with the Saudis, who have a good relationship with the United Arab Emirates, owners of Manchester City.

Funny that we talk so much about the Qatari dictatorship in 2022, about the lack of respect for women and homosexuals, and we cheer for Manchester City.

Guardiola is a genius. Messi will possibly play there. The team is tactical innovation, everything is beautiful.

But it’s all at the service of the United Arab Emirates, just a little more flexible than Qatar.

Messi is a genius.

The greatest player of the 21st century. Every time his name is said, it makes you want to stand up and applaud the star.

The legal entity is different.

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