Messi shows disdain for PSG and even for the new team – 09/06/2023

Messi gave an exclusive interview to the daily “Sport”, from Barcelona, ​​in which he confirmed his move to Inter Miami and some bad things. It was a conversation with a total focus on Barça, which is normal. But what caught my attention the most was Messi’s complete disdain for Paris Saint-Germain and, amazingly, even for Inter Miami itself.

Well, it was enough to see Messi on the field these two years to understand exactly what he said. I was unhappy. He was pissed off, to speak plain Portuguese, at having been forced to leave Barcelona and join PSG. He played a sloppy first season. He flew in the first half of the second, to prepare for the Cup. And he dropped in the second half.

Now, he says, he wanted to return to Barcelona. He decided to go to Miami not for money, but for “peace of mind”. Damn! OK, the owners of Inter Miami want Messi for Messi’s sake, not to win the MLS title. But you don’t have to talk like that either.

Messi basically said that he stayed in Europe for this time because he needed to be at a high level in the World Cup. And that now, since he doesn’t have Barca, he doesn’t need to stay any longer. He can now rest easy earning a few tens of millions a year.

“It’s been two years difficultbut who are already behind”, said Messi, who spent 25 minutes without even mentioning the name PSG or Paris Saint-Germain. “I watched Barça games and wanted to be there.”

Why don’t you go back now? According to him, because the club says it has the authorization of La Liga, but still needs to make things happen, lower wages, sell players. Messi doesn’t want the same mess as two years ago. But he still talks about coming back. When the reporter asks if his departure is “an open wound that won’t stop bleeding,” he responds with a crystal clear “yes.” And he added: “I left without saying goodbye, in a strange way. I hope I can return to the club one day”.

Going to Miami seems to be a decision based on Disney, right next door. The joy of the children. “If it was for money, I would go to Arabia”. Undoubtedly, Messi does not need money. Of more money. It gives you a choice between a country like the United States versus the Saudi dictatorship. For Benzema, it’s OK to go to Arabia, to live in a Muslim country. But Messi can rest in a nicer place for his children.

Let’s get this straight. Messi goes to Miami like almost all old Americans: to rest.

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