Mexico decriminalises abortion, wind turbine breaks power generation records, depaving cities

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we’re taking a look at Mexico joining the ranks of Latin American countries loosening abortion restrictions, the world’s largest wind turbine generating enough energy to power 170,000 homes, and a movement to remove impermeable paved surfaces in cities in favour of climate-friendly alternatives.

Mexican Supreme Court decriminalises abortion

In a historic decision, Mexico’s Supreme Court has taken a significant step towards reproductive rights by decriminalising abortion, placing Mexico in line with a growing movement advocating for accessible abortion options, often referred to as the “green wave”.

Source: Al Jazeera

World’s largest wind turbine breaks daily power generation record

The world’s largest wind turbine has shattered the previous record for daily power production by a single turbine, showcasing the immense potential of renewable energy sources.

Source: Euronews

UK’s largest electric vehicle charging hub opens in Birmingham

Up to 180 vehicles can be charged at any one time in as little as 15 minutes at the just-opened Gigahub

Source: The Guardian

Rethinking impermeable surfaces to combat climate heat and flooding

As climate-driven heatwaves and flooding become more frequent, urban planners are reassessing the prevalence of heat-absorbing paved surfaces in cities, taking a significant step toward a more climate-resilient future.

Source: Reasons To Be Cheerful

Pioneering agricultural methods take centre stage in The Netherlands

In Lelystad’s forward-thinking farming community, up to eight different crops are cultivated simultaneously, including wheat, onions, potatoes, and broad beans, as part of their commitment to sustainable agriculture.

Source: BBC News

Growing number of countries consider making ecocide a crime

Mexico becomes the latest country where the government is considering passing new laws to criminalise environmental destruction.

Source: The Guardian

Virtual barriers revolutionise livestock management

With the help of a user-friendly app, farmers are able to create virtual boundaries, making it easier and more efficient to control the movement of their cows.

Source: BBC News

How Paris is reimagining its water management for a sustainable future

From the introduction of urban swimming facilities to proactive leak repairs and the revitalisation of public fountains, France’s capital is making intelligent choices to conserve and optimise its most valuable resource.

Source: Reasons To Be Cheerful

California’s iconic Joshua trees return post-wildfire

In the aftermath of the Mojave National Preserve’s recent York Fire, determined workers strive to salvage native foliage through an extensive replanting initiative.

Source: NPR

An app is paving the way for gender equality in agriculture

In a landscape where gender bias often hinders fair pricing for their crops, an app offers anonymity to sellers, enabling Bangladeshi women to sell their produce at the prices they rightfully deserve and reap the rewards of their hard work.

Source: BBC News

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