Michael Keetley and Zachariah Anderson Murder Trials

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WI v Zachariah Anderson

Investigators claim Anderson stalked his ex-girlfriend, Sadie Beacham, for weeks — putting a burner phone in her car and using a GPS tracker to watch and listen to the new couple. Detectives found Gutierrez’s blood in Anderson’s van, and cadaver dogs found pieces of clothing and a bleach bottle in a burn pit on his property, authorities said. Gutierrez’s body has never been found.

The Latest In The Case:

Last week, jurors heard testimony from Anderson’s former cellmate. The cellmate, Marquan Washington, said Anderson admitted to the murder. “He told me they called him Houdini because of his case, and he basically made a body disappear,” Washington said. Court was canceled Friday because of a snow storm moving through the region. The trial is expected to pick up where it left off this week.

FL v Michael Keetley

Michael Keetley was a known ice cream man who drove around in his purple truck in southeast Hillsborough County. In January 2010, Keetley was shot, beaten and robbed while driving his ice cream truck. Investigators believe 10 months later, on Thanksgiving Day, Keetley wanted revenge — shooting six people playing cards outside in Ruskin. Two people were killed — brothers Sergio and Juan Guitron — and four others were injured.

The case went to trial in 2020, but it ended in a mistrial. Most of the evidence presented by the state was circumstantial and witnesses who took the stand didn’t appear to be credible. The defense argued that after the January 2010 attack, there was no way Keetley could physically carry out a shooting spree.

The Latest In The Case:

Jurors heard testimony from friends, exes, law enforcement and former co-workers of Keetley last week — similar testimony is expected to be heard this week. Testimony got heated between the co-worker and Keetley’s defense attorney, as the co-worker, David Beckwith, was obviously annoyed with the questions he was being asked. After about an hour on the stand, Beckwith snapped at the attorney, saying “You want to be a smart ass to me, I mean I’ll be a smartass back.

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