Michelle blamed demons, but it was a crack that haunted Planalto

A siege is closing in on Michelle Bolsonaro due to the tricks revealed by Federal Police investigations into the origin of the money that paid for her expenses. She, who accused the Planalto Palace of being a place “consecrated to demons” before Jair, showed that, in fact, what haunted the servants of the Presidency of the Republic was the fear of the trickery that involved it.

A report by Aguirre Talento, on UOL, this Monday (15), points out that the Federal Police identified cash deposits in his account operated by Jair’s handyman, Mauro Cid. The lieutenant colonel, today the most notorious Bolsonarist prisoner due to the scandal of fraud in vaccination records, took over from Fabrício Queiroz as Depository General of the Republic on behalf of the imperial couple.

Indications that money from a company with contracts with the federal government paid for a credit card used by the former first lady, fell into her aunt’s account and paid for her brother’s bills were a bomb in her image sold in last year’s election, of Jair’s “moral conscience”.

On Saturday (13), another report by UOL pointed out that dialogues discovered on Cid’s cell phone showed him trying to warn Michelle that this type of movement would lead to a complaint of cracking, that is, embezzlement of public money.

Cid was clear to one of the assistants of the then first lady: “The Public Prosecutor’s Office, when they get this, will do the same thing they did with Flávio [Bolsonaro]he will say that there is an advisor to a senator who is allied with the president, who is giving a share of the money to Michelle”. It had no effect.

On social media, Bolsonarism tries to convince that the former president and his family are being victims of a conspiracy. They echo Jair’s victimism, who cried in an interview with Jovem Pan, on May 3, in the midst of a search and seizure operation at his home. “Why do I get emotional? Messing with me, no problem. When it comes to a wife, daughter, then the thing is inhumane,” he said.

The same politician who says this is the one who used his wife’s account to receive BRL 89,000 in suspicious checks from Fabrício Queiroz, who involved her in the scandal of millionaire Arab jewels stolen from public assets, which pushed her to the electoral bonfire in order to to get votes from evangelicals.

That is, it was he who threw it into the fire. Now, she needs to explain to society the origin of the resources with which she paid the bills. Did they come from lawful family remuneration or are they the result of bribes, kickbacks and dealings paid to the husband?

Ironically, it was Michelle who claimed that the Planalto Palace was a place haunted by evil in a cult on August 7 last year.

“I will continue praying and interceding everywhere, and do you know why, brothers? Because for many years, for a long time, that place was a place consecrated to demons. Kitchen consecrated to demons, Plateau consecrated to demons and today consecrated to the Lord Jesus,” he said.

A lot of haunting has passed through the Planalto Palace in the last four years – from decisions that led to the death of more than 700,000 people during the covid-19 pandemic and hundreds of Yanomami children from hunger and disease to the actions that resulted in an attempt to coup d’état on January 8.

Opinion polls show that most Brazilians do not automatically make the connection between these tragedies and Bolsonaro’s responsibility. But the same cannot be said of cases in Jair and his family trying to take personal advantage, whether in millionaire jewels, in the fraud of their vaccination records or in the possible payment of personal bills with public money.

The hypocrisy of those who sold themselves as examples of moral rectitude and “simple people like us” explodes when the common people realize that they have knelt before golden calves. This may not translate into explicit criticism of the former first couple. But it takes away any God-fearing person’s boner to defend them publicly.

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